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Conductivity Instruments & Meters

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Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meters (also called Electrical Conductivity Meter or EC Meter) measure the electrical conductivity in a solution. They are generally used to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in water and run routine measurements in applications such as water analysis, chromatography, or biological research. They evaluate water purity from stills, demineralizers, deionizers, or reverse osmosis equipment. These instruments come in various accuracy, range, operating temperatures, and resolution capabilities.

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Electrical Conductivity Meter CM 30 DKK DOA

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $199.00    

CM30 Conductivity Meter DKK-DOA 

Electrical Conductivity Meter Model CM-30 R Series. Built-in temperature compensat0r for pure water electrical conductivity Conductivity : 0 to  200.0 S/m,  Resistivity:  0~2O?m0.00M,  Salinity:  0-4.00%  NaCl converted from EC value.. Concentration :  o-200% value converted from EC value, Temperature: 0 - 100 C

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YSI 3200 Conductivity Instrument

    Price: $898.00    POD Price: $799.00    
YSI 3200 Conductivity Instrument Meter measures temperature, salinity, TDS, conductivity, and resistance and exceeds USP 24 specifications. Resistance ratio technology (RRT) compares the resistance of the sample to a calibrated resistor within the meter for unmatched accuracy. Store up to 100 points; RS-232 interface for data access. The microprocessor-based instrument offers linear and non-linear temperature compensation options—great for ultrapure water analysis. High and low alarms can be programmed for process applications. Order conductivity cell separately. ... More Info

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Thermo Orion 2 Electrode Conductivity Cell

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $70.00    

Thermo Orion 2 Electrode Conductivity Cell,epoxy/graphite, cell constant = 1.0/cm-1, Model 011510

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Maihak Conductivity Indicator MLA

    Price: $499.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Maihak Maihah Conductivity Indicator MLA, III B/E/4370, III B/S 549

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