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Hoke Gyrolok Gryogage 4GG

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $50.00    

Hoke Gyrolok Gryogage 4GG for 1/4 inch tubing.

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Chemfour 12mm X 12mm Tubing Union Tee

    Price: $104.00    POD Price: $50.00    

Chemfour 12mm X 12mm Tubing Union Tee model D1071205. Chemfluor Fluid-Flow tubing components are designed for making up highly reliable fluid transfer tubing systems. Each fitting is equipped with the Elast-O-Flour seal to prevent leaks even when the system is subjected to repeated temperature cycling. The elastomeric ring in this design maintains a continuous, uniform sealing pressure on the fitting wall, keeping it tight against the tubing, even if the tubing is out-of-round. The fittings can be adapted to any number of applications.

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