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Vacuum Pump Oil

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Vacuum Pump Oil Inland 19

    Price: $75.00    POD Price: $75.00    

Vacuum Pump Oil Non-corrosive Inland 19

Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil 1 gal. used in non-corrosive mechanical vacuum pump applications. in  applications such as; Mass Spectrometry, Electron Microscopy, Thin Film Sputtering, UHV Systems and Freeze Dry Systems.

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Inland 45 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Price: $150.00    

Inland LCMS GCMS Vacuum Pump Oil 45

Inland Clear 45 grade vacuum oil is great and recommended fluid for GC MS and LS MS applications. This is synthetic hydrocarbon fluid that permits strain free cold starts, The molecular structure have lower vapor pressure and chemical resistance.

This product is a "premium product" not used for everyday vacuum pumps - try Inland 43 or Inland 19

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Vacuum Pump Oil Inland 43

    Price: $40.00    

Vacuum Pump Inland Fluid 43

For use with Vacuum pump that require oil. The is a hydrocarbon fluid used for mechanical pumps that generate vacuum for laboratory and pilot plant experiments. Inland custom blends the 43 product. This is a very good product for rotary vane vacuum pumps.

This is not recommend for GC / MS or LC / MS - mass spectrometer applications. Inland 45 is the recommend product.

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