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UVP UVGL-25 Mineralight Lamp

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UVP UVGL-25 Mineralight Lamp, Multiband UV-254/365 NM, Short Wave/Long Wave,115V, 60Hz, June-200430 day warranty

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$120.00 Working Current

UVP UVGL-25 Mineralight Lamp

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Make : Aetek
Model : UVXL 120134A
Ultraviolet curing is a chemical reaction caused by exposing specially formulated inks and coatings to a UV light source. The Aetek UVXL Ultaviolet Curing System consists of one UV lamp mounted in a housing designed to achieve maximum production benefits over conventional drying systems.
Make : UVP / Ultra-Violet Products
Model : UVG-54, UVGL-55, UVGL-58, UVL-56
The UVP Mineralight UVG-54, UVGL-55, UVGL-58 and Blak-Ray UVL-56 Ultraviolet Lamps represent the highest achievement in ultraviolet lamp history. The result of extensive research and craftsmanship, this lamp will give the operator years of trouble-free service. Ultraviolet energy cannot be detected by the human eye. A bluish light will be visible through the filter of the lamp. This is due to the emission of visible light from the tube. The special filter eliminates most of this visible light interference. Ultraviolet energy is just shorter in wavelength than visible violet light, and can be divided into longwave and shortwave groups.

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