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Solar Cell Testing

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Mechatronics Corescan Solar Cell Scanner model SCRA 1900 10

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How to determine contact resistance of solar cell?

Mechatronics Corescan SCRA 1900 10 Solar Cell Scanner. A measuring device to determine contact resistance of solar cell metallisation over the total surface, 230 / 115 VAC , 50/60Hz, Interface: serial, 9 pin SUB D, measuring probe: 0.2 mm diameter. Weight 28 kg.  solar cell size: 200-1000 micro m, X-axis 50-205 mm, Y-axis 20-2-5 mm Cell shape: Square, semi-square, rectangle, circle,  X,Y axis:  range: 0-215, speed: 10-20 mm/sec. adjustable, X resolution: 0.1 mm fixed, Y resolution 0.5-200 mm adjustable. with software, and computer. The Core Scan method : series resistance sources can be detected by potential differences that occur over these resistances while current is flowing in the device

Solar Cell Mapping

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Semtek Corporation Semi Conductor wafer Soldering Bonder SCB 130

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Semtek Corporation Semi-Conductor SCB 130 Wafer Soldering Bonder for Solar Cells . This semi-automatic PV soldering machine is designed to produce machine accurate stringer/tabber by soldering ribbon onto silicon wafer that have been printed with silver paste on front and back sides. Programmable control of hot head temperature. It can test the solar panel welding characteristics under pressure. 240v, 30a, 50Hz.

Solar Cells Bonder

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