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High Pressure Reactor System

High Pressure Reactor System

Reactors- Stirred Reactor System

When agitation is a necessary component to your process, a Stirred Reactor is used. Stirred Reactors can be either pressurized or non-pressurized. In most pressurized reactors, new pressure relief discs/devices are critical to ensure safety codes.

Stirred Reactor System Manufacturers

Some of the common manufacturers within our reactor inventory are Parr Instruments, Autoclave Engineers, Parker, and Bellco.


1. Do you provide safety rupture discs with High Pressure Systems? No. For higher pressure systems, customers are required to buy their own pressure relief discs. As a safety concern, used pressure relief rupture disks are not safe without the original documentation and an installation date.

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Berty Stationary Basket Catalyst Testing Reactor

    Price: Please Call    
Berty Stationary Basket Catalyst Testing Reactor. Internal recycle reactor is designed with a fixed, circular, screened catalyst bed.  Model number 92U00064  built 1995, Max Pressure 1600 psig @ 850 F. Hydro tested @ 2250 psi ... More Info

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Autoclave PH-M100-HC-MMAS High Pressure 100ml Reactor

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Parker Autoclave PH-M100-HC-MMAS Hast C 100ml Reactor

Parker Autoclave Engineer  Mini Reactor Compact, low volume and includes all the functionality the larger reactors. Pmax: 2900 psi at 600 F, Volume: Mag drive stirring, 100 cc, Hastelloy C-276, hand tight O-ring closure for quick opening, compact design, clamp type heater and insulation.  ... More Info

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Parker AutoClave 100 ml MicroClave Catalytic Reactor

    Price: $12,499.00    POD Price: $10,000.00    

Parker PH-M100SS-MMAS High Pressure 100ml SS Chemical Reactor

Micro Clave High Pressure Reactor Rated for 5,500 PSI @ 650 F, 316 Stainless Steel construction,  Usable 75 ML Volume - air motor drive (optional variable speed electric motor drive) 6 ports: one thermocouple well for measuring internal temperature, a feed port that can introduce two flows. The line also is attached to a safety rupture disk fitting. Pressure measuring port and two additional ports that are capped. The reactor can be either heated by a heater (not included), or either cooled or heated using a transfer liquid through the coil. The Magne-Drive shaft is cooled by flowing coolant near the base. PH-M-100-SS-MM-AS is the Parker Autoclave part number reference. ... More Info

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HEL Auto-Mate 4 Reactor System Hast C

    Price: $19,000.00    POD Price: $18,500.00    

AutoMATE Multi-Reactor System 

HEL Group. AutoMATE multi-Reactor System,  Automate allows for independent temperature and pressure, control and monitoring,  independent overhead stirring, 4 reactor system: Hast C construction, Reactor vol.: 100 ml. Temp. range 250 C max. Pressure to 200 bar, complete with cords and interface module.  Requires HEL software.

... More Info

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Autoclave Engineers 2 liter Zipper Clave

    Price: $11,999.00    POD Price: $9,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers high pressure Reactor. Zipper Clave, 2 liter capacity. MAWP 2000 PSI at 450 F (232 C). Material 316 Stainless Steel.

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Parr Horizontal Reactor 2 Gallon Inconel

    Price: $44,999.00    POD Price: $35,000.00    

Parr Chemical Reactor High Pressure

Parr High Pressure Horizontal reactor. 7.57 liters (2 Gallon). 26 Bar with sight glass at 250 C (rated higher without sight glass). Material: Inconel INC600. With heater and controller. Great for Biomass reactions when looking to mix bio feed stock and cellulosic materials.
... More Info

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Parr Pressure Reactor Hastelloy C 300 ml Volume

    Price: $24,999.00    POD Price: $20,000.00    

Parr Pressure Reactor designed by Biotage with major electronics removed. 300 cc Hast C high pressure (Pmax 3000 psig ), Magnectic coupled variable speed stirring. Heated with hot oil circulation through the specially designed heater, (Tmax 350 C). Fixed head design. The head remains fixed in the mounting. When the reactor clamps are removed, the reactor cylinder and heater are lowered electronically to open the vessel. This leaves inlet, feed lines, discharge and vent lines, etc. undisturbed between runs. A controller is used to vary the stirring speed, as read by a tachometer, monitor the pressure and temperatures in the reactor as well as the heater. The reactor and the stand are in mint condition. ( 300 cc Volume ) Very similar to Parr Model 4561

... More Info

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Autoclave Engineers 1 Liter Hastelloy C Zipper Clave

    Price: $19,999.00    POD Price: $15,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers 1 Liter Hastelloy C ZipperClave, 2,200 psi @ 450 F Bottom drain Model - HT 525980, Int Dimensions - 3.5" diameter - 9.5" deep.

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HEL High pressure Chem-Scan Reaction Hast C

    Price: $11,999.00    POD Price: $6,000.00    

H E L, High Pressure Chem-Scan system for parallel high pressure and heterogeneous catalysis reactions. Hastelloy C material of construction. Maximum throughput of 8 reactions in parallel accommodating 10- or 15-ml reaction vessels. Pressure to 1500 psi, temperature range -10 to a maximum of 250 °C. Each reactor is stirred at speeds up to 1500 rpm. Pressure transducers measure the pressure in each vessel. Manufactured in 2004.

... More Info

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Autoclave Engineers 100 milliliter Stainless Steel

    Price: $7,999.00    POD Price: $5,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers, High Pressure Reactor, Capacity: 100mL. ID:45mm. Depth 80mm, MAWP 6000 psi @ 650 F. Material of construction: Inconel

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