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Laboratory Reactors For Sale

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Chemical Reactors are, in the simplest definition, vessels designed to contain chemical reactions. They can also be referred to as reaction vessels.

HiTechTrader sells a variety of reactor vessels, components, and systems that can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic markets. These reactors can be configured for batch or continuous operation. The size of the reactors can vary from very small (50 ml), to pilot plant production equipment (5 gallons). Materials of construction can also vary from plastic, glass, and stainless steel, to other types of specialty metals.  Both Low Pressure and High Pressure systems/components are available.

Reactor Manufacturers

Some of the common manufacturers within our reactor inventory are Parr Instruments,  Autoclave Engineers, Parker, Bellco, Wheaton, Pressure Products, Chemglass,  AceGlass,  H.S.Martin, and Pope Instruments.

FAQ about Buying Reactors

1. Do you provide safety rupture discs with High Pressure Systems?


No. For higher pressure systems, customers are required to buy their own pressure relief discs. As a safety concern, used pressure relief rupture disks are not safe without the original documentation and an installation date.


How do you ship a reactor?


It depends upon size. Small pressure vessels are easily shipped standard parcel shipment. However, in many cases, HiTechTrader ships reactors on a pallet (freight) due to the fragility of the components. This transportation method has ensured that the quality equipment we sell arrives to the customer intact and ready for use.

We Enjoy Technical Questions

We have been helping customers like you decide between different products since 1982 so send us an inquiry or call us today.

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Ace Glass 50 L Glass Cylinder Reactor

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $2,000.00    

Reactor 50 Liter Ace Glass Cylinder Reactor 50 Liter

Ace Glass 50 L Glass Laboratory Cylinder Reaction Reactor, with a 5 neck for use with beaded pressure pipe with some fittings, and a glass drain port with threaded stopcock, Supported by steel frame on wheels,

... More Info

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Parr 3916 Air Shaker Reactor Hydrogenation

    Price: $1,500.00    

Air Driven Parr 3916 500 ml  Parr Hydrogenation

Parr Instrument Shaker Reactor Hydrogenation Apparatus, with motor drive. 500 ml Bottle, capacity pressures up to 5 atmospheres (60 psig) and temperatures to 80 ºC. Shipping weight 75 lbs,  120 volts ... More Info

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Chemglass 3 liter glass reactor

    Price: Please Call    
Chemglass CG-1929-X28 CG-1941-05 Glass Reactor
3,000 mL Reaction Vessel, Jacketed, Graduated Both Sides, 150 mm Flange, Flat Flange Inlet/Outlet, CG-511 Drain Valve
CG-1941-05 Reaction Vessel Lid, 4-Neck, 29/42 Center Neck, 3-29/42 Side Necks, 150 mm Schott Flange 400, Glass stirring paddle Stand not included
... More Info

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Chemglass CG-1929-X22 5 Liter Glass Reactor

    Price: Please Call    

Chemglass CG-1929-X22 5,000mL Reaction Vessel

Jacketed, Graduated Both Sides, 150mm Flange, Flat Flange Inlet/Outlet, CG-511 Drain Valve
1300.00 with CG-1941-05  Reaction Vessel Lid, 4-Neck, 29/42 Center Neck, 3-29/42 Side Necks, 2-45/50 (top), 2-34/35 (top), Glass stirring paddle, Stand not included
... More Info

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Chemglass 4000mL Reaction Vessel CG-1929-X28

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $899.00    

ChemglassCG-1929-X28 4 Liter Reaction Vessel

Manufacture by Chemglass is reaction vessel is jacketed, Graduated Both Sides, 150mm Flange, Flat Flange Inlet/Outlet, CG-511 Drain Valve, Stand not included

Top Chemglass CG-1941-05 Reaction Vessel Lid

4-Neck, 29/42 Center Neck, 3-29/42 Side Necks, 150mm Schott Flange 400
... More Info

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Kontes 2000 ml Glass Reactor with 400 Watt Heating Mantle

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $299.00    
Kontes 2000 ml Glass Reactor with 400 Watt Heating Mantle, 3 - 24/40 ports  

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Berty Stationary Basket Catalyst Testing Reactor

    Price: Please Call    
Berty Stationary Basket Catalyst Testing Reactor. Internal recycle reactor is designed with a fixed, circular, screened catalyst bed.  Model number 92U00064  built 1995, Max Pressure 1600 psig @ 850 F. Hydro tested @ 2250 psi ... More Info

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended

    Price: $200.00    
Chemglass CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended, 

Sold by CHemglass this Baffle 3/4-1/2" NPT Glass Filled PTFE Adapter should only be used in 30L & 50L (Short): Adapter Joint Size: 45/50 with Extension. This was designed to increase agitation within the reactor and mimic baffles used in larger glass lined reactors
... More Info

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1940-02 Reaction Vessel Lid

    Price: $100.00    

Chemglass Lid Reaction Vessel for CG-1940- 02

Manufactured by Chemglass this Reaction Vessel Lid has 3-Necks. A 29/42 Center Neck, 2-24/40 Side Necks, with a 100 mm Schott Flange

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1930-23 500 ml Reaction Vessel Jacketed

    Price: $400.00    

Chemglass Jacketed Reaction Vessel 500 ml 

Manufactured by Chemglass is 500 mL Reaction Vessel is Jacketed, with a 100 mm Schott O-Ring Flange and GL-14 Inlet/Outlet, CG-911-A-10 Drain Valve

Part Number Chemglass CG-1930-23

... More Info

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Parr 3916 Shaker Reactor Hydrogenation Heated

    Price: $1,800.00    POD Price: $1,200.00    

Heated Parr 3916 500 ml Shaking Parr Hydrogenation

Parr Instrument Shaker Reactor Hydrogenation Apparatus, with motor drive. 500 ml Bottle, capacity pressures up to 5 atmospheres (60 psig) and temperatures to 80 ºC. Shipping weight 75 lbs,  120 volts ... More Info

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Argonaut 3400 Process Chemistry Workstation

    Price: $12,000.00    POD Price: $9,000.00    

Process Chemistry Workstation 3400 Argonaut

Argonaut  Advantage Series 3400 Process Chemistry Workstation. The 3400 workstation enables automated parallel reaction analysis into their laboratory operations. Four removable modular 300 ml glass reactors with Hast C metal parts, each operating independently under the Camile TG software platform, form the heart of the 3400 workstation. The workstation can perform virtually all chemistries and reaction conditions that are possible using traditional round-bottom flask equipment, but with computer-controlled repeatability and round-the-clock automation. With software and lot of glassware. Shown with two reactors.  Other reactors are packed for shipping.

... More Info

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Ace Glass Jacketed Filter Glass Pressure Reactor 2 liter

    Price: $1,000.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

2 Liter Jacketed Filter Glass Pressure Reactor

Ace Glass Jacketed Filter Reactor 2 liter Pressure Version, Heavy wall glass 100 mm flange ID # 80 bottom thread,  The Ace Glass thread's allow for vacuum or pressure applications and for draining material out of the reactor. Pmax: 35 psig at 100 C. 

... More Info

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Autoclave PH-M100-HC-MMAS High Pressure 100ml Reactor

    Price: Please Call    

Parker Autoclave PH-M100-HC-MMAS Hast C 100ml Reactor

Parker Autoclave Engineer  Mini Reactor Compact, low volume and includes all the functionality the larger reactors. Pmax: 2900 psi at 600 F, Volume: Mag drive stirring, 100 cc, Hastelloy C-276, hand tight O-ring closure for quick opening, compact design, clamp type heater and insulation.  ... More Info

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Ace Glass 72 Liter Round Bottom Reaction Flask

    Price: $500.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Ace Glass Custom 6952-96 72 Liter

Ace Glass 72 Liter Round Bottom Reaction Flask with 3 ports each 45/50 joints, requires a reaction vessel lid  200 mm.  Uses a o-ring and clamp closure.  Stand sold separately.
... More Info

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Chemglass 72000 ml Round Bottom Reaction Flask

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $899.00    

72 Liter Round Bottom Chemglass Flask

Chemglass 72 Liter Round Bottom Reaction Flask with 4 ports each 55/50 joints,  with bottom drain valve Teflon, with 35/25 joint,  requires a reaction vessel lid  200 mm.  uses a o-ring and clamp closure.  stand sold separately

... More Info

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Parker AutoClave 100 ml MicroClave Catalytic Reactor

    Price: $12,499.00    POD Price: $10,000.00    

Parker PH-M100SS-MMAS High Pressure 100ml SS Chemical Reactor

Micro Clave High Pressure Reactor Rated for 5,500 PSI @ 650 F, 316 Stainless Steel construction,  Usable 75 ML Volume - air motor drive (optional variable speed electric motor drive) 6 ports: one thermocouple well for measuring internal temperature, a feed port that can introduce two flows. The line also is attached to a safety rupture disk fitting. Pressure measuring port and two additional ports that are capped. The reactor can be either heated by a heater (not included), or either cooled or heated using a transfer liquid through the coil. The Magne-Drive shaft is cooled by flowing coolant near the base. PH-M-100-SS-MM-AS is the Parker Autoclave part number reference. ... More Info

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High Pressure Hasteloy C Reaction Bomb Reactor

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $2,500.00    
Pressure Products High Pressure Reaction Bomb Reactor Hasteloy -C top HT 3278 and bottom HT 3278 , 250 cc working volume, 2 ports with 1/8 inch high pressure fittings.  Pressure to 6000 psi.   ... More Info

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Autoclave Engineers Titanium Pressure Vessel 300 ml cap

    Price: $1,599.00    POD Price: $1,400.00    
Autoclave Engineers 89-04414-1 Titanium Pressure Vessel. 300 ml capacity, MAWP 1875 psi at 650 F,

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Autoclave Engineers Pressure Vessel 300 ml cap 316 SS

    Price: $1,599.00    POD Price: $1,400.00    
Autoclave Engineers 87-00215-1 300 ml,  316,SS Pressure Vessel. MAWP 5200psi at 200F

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Parr 2342HC 300ml T316 Pressure Vessel

    Price: $700.00    POD Price: $699.00    

Parr 2342HC 300ml Bottom Vessel SS

Parr Instrument Co 2342HC 300ml T316 Pressure Vessel. MAWP 3000psi at 300C for FFKM seal 3000psi at 225C for FKM seal

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Parr 200ml Titanium Pressure Vessel

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $888.00    

Parr 200 ml Capacity High Pressure Vessel (Ti)

Parr Instrument Co Gernal purpose vessel 425HC3 200ml Titanium Pressure Vessel, split ring enclosure.

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Parr 425HC3 200ml Hastelloy B Pressure Reactor

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $879.00    
Parr 425HC3  Hast B Reactor Vessel
Parr Instrument Co 425HC3 200ml capacity Hastelloy B Pressure Vessel

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Parr Instrument 2742HC10 T316 SS 1000 ml Pressure Vessel

    Price: $699.00    POD Price: $499.00    
Parr Instrument Co 2742HC10 T316 SS 1000ml Pressure Vessel. MAWP 1900 psi at 300C for FFKM Seal

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Parr Instrument Co 33110E 2000ml T316 SS Pressure Vessel

    Price: $1,230.00    POD Price: $699.00    
Parr Instrument Co 33110E 2000ml T316 SS Pressure Vessel. MWP 500psi at 104 F.

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Parr 4750 200ml Monel Pressure Vessel

    Price: $987.00    POD Price: $925.00    
Parr Monel 425HC3 4750 General pressure Vessel
Parr 200ml Monel Pressure Vessel.

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Autoclave Pressure Reactor 1 liter 316SS Jacketed Vessel

    Price: Please Call    
Autoclave Engineers  XS580 1000ml 316SS Jacketed Pressure Vessel with Magne Drive 2. MAWP 1200psi at -20 to 350 F

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Parr Instrument Co 1000ml 316SS Reactor Vessel

    Price: $1,300.00    POD Price: $899.00    
Parr Instrument Co 1000ml 316SS Reactor Vessel

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Autoclave Engineers Zippercalve Reactor 1000ml Vessel

    Price: $1,200.00    POD Price: $999.00    

Autoclave Engineers Inc. 98151797-1 Reactor Pressure Vessel

Zipperclave Reactor bottom Capacity 1000ml 316 SS MAWP 2000 psi at 450 F. MDMT +40 F at 2000 psi

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Autoclave Engineers 76-4117 250ml Reactor Bottom

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $750.00    

Parker Autoclave  76-4117 High Pressure Vessel

 250ml 316 SS High Pressure Vessel. MAWP 5400 psi at 650F

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Autoclave Engineers 78-04616-1 Reactor Bottom

    Price: $1,600.00    POD Price: $999.00    

Autoclave Engineers 78-04616-1 Reactor Vessel

Parker Autoclave 1 Liter 316 SS Pressure Vessel. MAWP 3650 psi at 1000 F

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Parker Autoclave 98150068-7 1 Liter Titanium Pressure Vessel

    Price: $1,200.00    POD Price: $999.00    

Autoclave Engineers 98150068-7 1000 ml Titanium Reactor Vessel

Mawp 270 psi at 600 F, MAWP 400 psi at 500 F, MDMT 400 psi at -20 F

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Autoclave AF3633 1L Stainless High Pressure Vessel

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $876.00    
Autoclave Engineers Inc. AF3633 1 Liter 316 SS High Pressure Vessel 8250 psi
Inside Dimensions- 3" Diameter x 9.150" Deep

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Autoclave Engineers 73-3101 1L SS Teflon Coated Reactor

    Price: $1,100.00    POD Price: $799.00    
For Sale Autoclave Engineers Inc. 73-3101 1000 ml 316 SS High Pressure Reactor Vessel. MAWP 5800 psi at 650 F, Interior teflon coating.

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Parr 452HC Pressure Vessel Stirred Reactor SS 300ml

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $925.00    

Parr 452HC Stirred Bottom and Top 300ml Pressure Vessel

For Sale Parr Instrument Co Pressure Vessel. Model 452HC, MAWP 2000 psi at 350 C. 300 ml. Reaction Vessel Dimensions: Height 4", Inner Diameter 2.5", Outer Diameter 3", Thickness .25". T316 stainless steel construction
... More Info

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Parr 452HC 300ml SS Bottom Pressure Reactor Vessel

    Price: $625.00    POD Price: $599.00    

Parr Bottom Vessel 452HC 300ml Volume

For Sale Parr Instrument Co. 452HC Capacity 300ml SS Pressure Reactor Vessel MWP 2000 psi at 350c with teflon sleve insert.

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Parker Autoclave 83-01325-1 300 ml SS High Pressure Reactor

    Price: $1,100.00    POD Price: $999.00    
For Sale Autoclave Engineers Inc. 83-01325-1 300 ml SS High Pressure Vessel. MAWP 5400 Psi at 650 F

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Parr 599HC2 2 Liter SS Pressure Reactor Vessel

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $999.00    

Parr Reactor Bottom 2 liter capacity 599HC2

Sale Parr Instrument Co. 599HC2 2000 ml SS Pressure Reactor Vessel

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Sample Cylindrical Reactor Titanium

    Price: $650.00    POD Price: $550.00    

Cylindrical Titanium Reactor 800 PSI

Non Stirred High Pressure Reactor, Titanium, Cylindrical, 3-1/2"dia x 20-1/2"L, 3/8" FNPT on ends, MAWP 800 psia, MWT -20 to 450F. 1.5 liter capacity.
... More Info

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HEL Auto-Mate 4 Reactor System Hast C

    Price: $19,000.00    POD Price: $18,500.00    

AutoMATE Multi-Reactor System 

HEL Group. AutoMATE multi-Reactor System,  Automate allows for independent temperature and pressure, control and monitoring,  independent overhead stirring, 4 reactor system: Hast C construction, Reactor vol.: 100 ml. Temp. range 250 C max. Pressure to 200 bar, complete with cords and interface module.  Requires HEL software.

... More Info

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BuchiGlasUster VAFU 71 4B-7 Reactor Motor

    Price: $649.00    POD Price: $450.00    

BuchiGlasUster Reactor Motor VAFU 71/4B-7, Loher Electric Stirring Motor, 3 phase, VDE- 380-420/220-240v, 1.05/1.82 amps, 50 Hz,1430 rpm, 0.37kw, IEC- 400/230v, 1.0/1.75 amps 50 Hz, 1430 rpm, 0.37kw

... More Info

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Hoke Sample Cylinder Model H4HD300

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Hoke Sample Cylinder Model H4HD300, 300 cc capacity, double ended, 304 ss, Pmax 1800 psig, 1/4 inch FNPT ends,

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Autoclave Engineers 2 liter Zipper Clave

    Price: $11,999.00    POD Price: $9,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers high pressure Reactor. Zipper Clave, 2 liter capacity. MAWP 2000 PSI at 450 F (232 C). Material 316 Stainless Steel.

  >>     >>  


Newport Scientific High Pressure Bomb Reactor

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $2,250.00    

Newport Scientific (Amnico)  High Pressure  Bomb.Reactor, HP 74503.  Working Pressure 16,000 PSI, Tested Pressure  23, 000 PSI. capacity is 600 ml, with two ports on the top.  Interior diameter is 1.5 inches by 21.5 inches deep. Manufactured 12-3-93. OC-7, 6-1409, in excellent condition.

... More Info

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Parr 452HC3 Stirred Pressure Vessel SS 600 ml

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $1,999.00    

Parr 452HC3 600ml Stainless Steel Stirred High Pressure Reactor

For sale - Parr Pressure Reactor vessel. Model 452HC3 Capacity 600 ml material grade Stainless Steel high pressure P max 3000 psig at 350 C.

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Parr Horizontal Reactor 2 Gallon Inconel

    Price: $44,999.00    POD Price: $35,000.00    

Parr Chemical Reactor High Pressure

Parr High Pressure Horizontal reactor. 7.57 liters (2 Gallon). 26 Bar with sight glass at 250 C (rated higher without sight glass). Material: Inconel INC600. With heater and controller. Great for Biomass reactions when looking to mix bio feed stock and cellulosic materials.
... More Info

  >>     >>  


Parr 452HC3 Pressure Reactor Hastelloy C 600ml

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $810.00    

Parr 452HC3 Hact C Bottom High Pressure Vessel

For Sale Parr Pressure Reactor vessel. 600 ml Hast C high pressure Pmax 3000 psig at 350 C.
Similar to

Parr 4560 Series

  >>     >>  


Glas-Col GKH GT Analog Motor Control

    Price: $129.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Glas-Col GKH-GT Motor Control

Glas-Col GKH GT Motor Control. Motor speed control used to control an overhead stirrer. Forward and reverse button.

  >>     >>  


Parr Jacketed Reactor 229 HC 5

    Price: $699.00    POD Price: $399.00    
Parr Jacketed Reactor 229 HC 5. 1 liter.

  >>     >>  


Parr Pressure Reactor Hastelloy C 300 ml Volume

    Price: $24,999.00    POD Price: $20,000.00    

Parr Pressure Reactor designed by Biotage with major electronics removed. 300 cc Hast C high pressure (Pmax 3000 psig ), Magnectic coupled variable speed stirring. Heated with hot oil circulation through the specially designed heater, (Tmax 350 C). Fixed head design. The head remains fixed in the mounting. When the reactor clamps are removed, the reactor cylinder and heater are lowered electronically to open the vessel. This leaves inlet, feed lines, discharge and vent lines, etc. undisturbed between runs. A controller is used to vary the stirring speed, as read by a tachometer, monitor the pressure and temperatures in the reactor as well as the heater. The reactor and the stand are in mint condition. ( 300 cc Volume ) Very similar to Parr Model 4561

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Parker Autoclave PH-M50HC-MAS Mini Reactor

    Price: $3,499.00    POD Price: $3,000.00    

Parker Autoclave PH-M50HC-MAS High Pressure Hast C Reactor

Snaptite Autoclave engineers High Pressure Mini Reactor. Magna Drive Stirring, 50 ml Capacity, Pmax 5000 psi @ 650F. Material of construction is Hast C - Parker reference number on web site - PH-M50HC-MAS

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Parr Hydrogenation

    Price: $549.00    POD Price: $450.00    
Parr Home made hydrogenation unit with explosion proof switch and motor SS vessel, pressure gauge not complete - parts unit - sold as-is

  >>     >>  


Autoclave Engineers 1 Liter Hastelloy C Zipper Clave

    Price: $19,999.00    POD Price: $15,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers 1 Liter Hastelloy C ZipperClave, 2,200 psi @ 450 F Bottom drain Model - HT 525980, Int Dimensions - 3.5" diameter - 9.5" deep.

  >>     >>  


Pressure Products High-Pressure Reactor HT 22470

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $750.00    

Pressure Products High-Pressure Reactor, 316 stainless steel, Model HT 22470, Jacketed 2750 W heater 115/230 Volts, No top portion, Bottom portion only, 4 inches in diameter by 11.5 inches deep,  SR 3970 -- 002

... More Info

  >>     >>  


HEL High pressure Chem-Scan Reaction Hast C

    Price: $11,999.00    POD Price: $6,000.00    

H E L, High Pressure Chem-Scan system for parallel high pressure and heterogeneous catalysis reactions. Hastelloy C material of construction. Maximum throughput of 8 reactions in parallel accommodating 10- or 15-ml reaction vessels. Pressure to 1500 psi, temperature range -10 to a maximum of 250 °C. Each reactor is stirred at speeds up to 1500 rpm. Pressure transducers measure the pressure in each vessel. Manufactured in 2004.

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Autoclave Reactor Pressure Bomb

    Price: $3,499.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    
Autoclave Engineers High Pressure Bomb Reactor, MAWP 11,000 psi @ 72C, 316 stainless steel, Cylinder size: 2-2/5" outside dia. x 17"L, Autoclave # 920 7109

  >>     >>  


Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4HS75

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4HS75, 75 cc capacity, Single ended, 304 ss, Pmax 1800 psig, 1/4" FNPT end, $150.00 ea.

  >>     >>  


Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4HD150

    Price: $349.00    POD Price: $250.00    

4HD150 Hoke Sample Cylinder 

Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4DH150, 150 cc capacity, double ended, 304 ss, Pmax 1800 psig, 1/4" FNPT ends, ... More Info

  >>     >>  


Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4HD300

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Hoke Sample Cylinder Model 4HD300, 300 cc capacity, double ended, 304 ss, Pmax 1800 psig, 1/4" FNPT ends,

  >>     >>  


Buckeye Fabricating 1.5 Liter Open Reaction Vessel

    Price: $525.00    POD Price: $499.00    

Buckeye Fabricating Co. Open Jacketed Reaction Vessel with Baffels, Round Bottom, Custom made. Certified, MAWP: ATM @ 200F, Min -20F @ ATM, Stainless Steel, 3 Jacket ports 1/2" Female pipe, Inside dim.: 100 mm dia x 280 mm Height

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Autoclave Engineers 100 milliliter Stainless Steel

    Price: $7,999.00    POD Price: $5,000.00    

Autoclave Engineers, High Pressure Reactor, Capacity: 100mL. ID:45mm. Depth 80mm, MAWP 6000 psi @ 650 F. Material of construction: Inconel

  >>     >>  


Ellectro Cell AB

    Price: $649.00    POD Price: $450.00    

Electro Chemical Cell. Cell size in inches; 7.25 w x 12 h x 2.25 d.

  >>     >>