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Reactor Accessories

A photo of a accessory that can be added to a reactor or pressure vessel

Reactor Accessories

Accessories can be added to reactors and pressure vessels which allow the user to configure the system to their reactions and intended operating conditions. HiTechTrader has many accessories available: Heating Mantles, Temperature Controllers, Pressure Gages, and Motor Controllers.


1. Do you provide safety rupture discs with High Pressure Systems? No. For higher pressure systems, customers are required to buy their own pressure relief discs. As a safety concern, used pressure relief rupture disks are not safe without the original documentation and an installation date.

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended

    Price: $200.00    
Chemglass CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended, 

Sold by CHemglass this Baffle 3/4-1/2" NPT Glass Filled PTFE Adapter should only be used in 30L & 50L (Short): Adapter Joint Size: 45/50 with Extension. This was designed to increase agitation within the reactor and mimic baffles used in larger glass lined reactors
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BuchiGlasUster VAFU 71 4B-7 Reactor Motor

    Price: $649.00    POD Price: $450.00    

BuchiGlasUster Reactor Motor VAFU 71/4B-7, Loher Electric Stirring Motor, 3 phase, VDE- 380-420/220-240v, 1.05/1.82 amps, 50 Hz,1430 rpm, 0.37kw, IEC- 400/230v, 1.0/1.75 amps 50 Hz, 1430 rpm, 0.37kw

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