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B/R Instrument Solvent Recycling System & Distillation Systems Model 9400 & 9600 Operating Manual

Make: B/R Instrument Corp Model: 9400 & 9600 Reference No: M-043110316a
The B/R Instrument Solvent Recycling System & Distillation Systems Model 9400 & 9600 represent state-of-the-art development in high purity solvent recycling. Purification is accomplished by separation of impurities based upon differences in boiling point compared to that of the desired solvent. The core of the system is a spinning band distillation column which utilizes a helical shaped Teflon band through the length of the column. This band is rotated while the solvent is being distilled, and results in much higher separating efficiencies than would otherwise be possible. The system is designed to efficiently purify contaminated solvents back to a grade suitable for reuse. It is also used as an efficient distillation system in laboratory settings. The Packed Column models use a packing material to create surface that increases separating efficiencies. This system is also effective for solvent recycling and efficient laboratory distillations. The system is microprocessor controlled, which provides simple and highly automated operation. Nineteen memory areas are available in the microprocessor controller for storage of various programs for repetitive distillations.
Status: Active