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Codonics NP 1660M Medical Printer

    Price: $499.00    POD Price: $400.00    
Codonics NP 1660M Medical Printer. The NP-1660M dual-mode Diagnostic Medical Printer produces immediate, high quality, low-cost paper prints as well as diagnostic quality 8" x 10" blue base film for imaging applications, eliminating the need for wet processing. The NP-1660M incorporates both color dye-diffusion and direct thermal grayscale technology in the same printer, a significant advance to the medical market. Using digital image processing, the result generates precise, continuous tone grayscale and color prints with superior image quality. With two 1600-B-A (A size), and one 1600P-A4 (A4 size) paper and black ribbon with laminate included.
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Fargo Electronics Persona Printer

    Price: $379.00    POD Price: $350.00    
Persona, Personal ID Card Printer

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