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Laboratory Presses

Photo of Carver Hydraulic Laboratory Press for sale from Hitechtrader.com

Laboratory Presses


Presses have been used in the laboratory and testing environment since 1940s. They are generally used for palletizing, fluid extraction, pressure forming, destructive testing and other types of testing procedures. Material engineering, material testing, extraction and forming can all be performed from either manual, pneumatic or hydraulic presses. Other types of presses are pellet presses, transfer presses and elimination presses - each type specializes in a distinct process.

How Do Laboratory Presses Work?

Standard unheated thick metal plates called "plantains"can be forced together by hydraulic presses for the use of pelletizing, destructive testing pressure forming and fluid extraction. The plantains can also be then heated to accelerate the process of degradation of material or to enhance the material properties of the final product under heat and pressure.

HiTechTrader’s Inspection Process to deliver a quality used laboratory press

The first step is pressurizing the press to about half of its capacity. We then let the press sit for a period of time - typically 24 hours. We then calculate the loss of pressure over the 24 hour period, then research to determine if the loss of pressure over a period of time meets the manufacturer's expectations.

Top Press Manufacturers

Carver is one of the top manufacturers of laboratory presses.

Shipping of a Press

HiTechTrader ships all presses (except for little hand presses) via LTL on pallet. This ensures the product reaches the customer safely.

We Enjoy Technical Questions

We have been helping customers like you decide between different products since 1982 so send us an inquiry or call us today.

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Insta Ntaneoos Double Impulse Hand Operated Heat Sealer

    Price: $490.00    

Insta Ntaneoos 9" Hand Heat Sealer

Insta Ntaneoos Model YH-230S Double Impulse Hand Operated Heat Sealer heat zone is 9 inches

  • Volts 110 
  • Watts 900

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Carver Pellet Die Set 31 mm

    Price: $261.00    POD Price: $249.00    

31 mm Pellet Die Set Carver Press

Caver Press  ID is really 28 mm when measured Pellet Die Set 3902, For KBr pellets for IR analysis,
  • Complete with plunger, cylinder, base plug, ejector 
  • Constructed of 440 Stainless Steel, except ejector
  • Maximum applied load 60,000 pounds
... More Info

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Bottle Capper

    Price: $48.00    POD Price: $40.00    

Bottle Capper

This Bottle Capper has an open height of 16" and can hold a bottle 3" in diameter. The top die is 1" in diameter. ... More Info

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Evacuable Pellet Die Set 31 mm

    Price: $1,600.00    POD Price: $1,500.00    

Pellet Die Set 31 mm Evacuable

Evacuable Pellet Die Set 31 mm,  made up of an evacuable base. body plunger and a pair of internal pelllet pressing surfaces  ... More Info

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Specac Evacuable Pellet Die Set 5 mm

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $800.00    

Pellet Die Set 5 mm Specac GS03060

Specac GS03060 Evacuable Pellet Die Set 5 mm.  Max cap. 2 Tons. For IR and XRF applications.   Complete set.  NEW  
... More Info

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DPM Solutions Calendar Roller

    Price: $11,000.00    

Heated calendar rollers, electrode press, laminator or hot press rollers

DPM Solutions Pneumatic Calendar Roller, 10 inch roller, 650 watt heater cartridge in each roller with  type thermocouples  Tmax 150 C, roller speed adjustable from 0 to 8 rpm Hydraulic cylinders provide lift to the lower roller a gauge at the pump show the pressure exerted. P max 3400psi  the roller calendar has the facility for the rollers to be heated to a pre-determined temperature and the roller compression to be adjusted in order to achieve the desired end results.  The steel roller has been hardened to 57RC and electro-less nickel hard plated to provide durable quality.  Maximum usable width 250 mm. Electrical  supply 220 240 VA

... More Info

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PHI Hydraulic Press

    Price: Please Call    
Hydraulic Press, Platens; 8" x 8", Heated. 20 Tons capacity.

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Carver Model M Heated Hydraulic Press

    Price: $2,200.00    POD Price: $1,799.00    

Carver 3853 Hydraulic Press Model M

Carver Hydraulic Press Model M, 9" x 9" with heated platens. Recirculating  heater not included.

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National Instruments Type 210 Thermal Impulse Sealer

    Price: $69.00    POD Price: $50.00    

National Instruments Quick Seal Type 210 Thermal Impulse Sealer. 8 inch sealer arm.

Single Phase

110 volts

360 watts

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National Instruments Thermal Impulse Sealer CD-300

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $100.00    

National Instruments Thermal Impulse Sealer Model CD-300, 2 wire, single phase,115 volts,180 watts. 12 inch sealer arm.

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Perkin Elmer Hand Press 02190048

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Perkin Elmer Sample Pan Crimper Press 02190048

Hand press manufactured by Perkin Elmer Corporation. Die Diameter is 13/64 or 5 mm

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GBC Pouch HeatSeal Laminator H425

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $150.00    

GBC Heat Sealer Model H425, pouch HeatSeal laminator, from Heat Seal GBC business card lamination pouches,

GBC Heat Seal letter size lamination pouches to GBC Heatseal legal size lam pouches and menu size lamination GBC HeatSeal pouches

Has a digital screen & adjustable heat to allow hot sealing different thicknesses

115 volts

3-10mil pouch thickness

12.5" pouch capacity

... More Info

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Ary Inc VacMaster Pro150 Bag Sealer

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $99.00    

Ary Inc Food Vacuum System

VacMaster VacPro 150 Food Vacuum System, vacuum bag sealer, Fast, strong dual vacuum pumps & stainless construction

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Combi AB-0384-110 Thermal Sealer

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $99.00    

Combi AB-0384-110 Micro plate Thermal Sealer

Thermal Sealer Model AB 0384 110 is a manually operated microplate sealer with an internal heater of 350 watts (ambient to 220 C). Electrical is 115 volts and 500 watts with 5 amp fuse. Dimensions in inches are 5.5 x 13 x 6.
... More Info

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National Instruments Thermal Impulse Sealer 310

    Price: $78.00    POD Price: $49.00    

National 310 Thermal Wire Sealer

National Instruments Quick Thermal  Impulse Sealer, Model 310, 1 wire, 115 volts 320 watts. 12 inch sealer arm.

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Tew Electric Heating Sealer TIS 450

    Price: $449.00    POD Price: $360.00    
Heat Sealer, with foot pedal, 600 watts, 110 volts

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Rospatch Corp HS1 Heat Sealer

    Price: $349.00    POD Price: $280.00    

Thermo Seal. Manual Pressure. Plate size 4.5" x 5.5". Upper plate heats. Timer 30 sec. 110v/42.A

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