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Analog Controller

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Horita TRG-50PC Longitudinal Time Code Generator

    Price: $398.00    POD Price: $299.00    
Horita Model TRG-50PC Longitudinal Time Code Generator/Inserter/Search Speed Reader, Makes burned-in SMPTE time code window dub copies, Provides reshaped time code output for copying time code, Compatible with all 1/2", 3/4", and 1" tape formats, Displays time code or user bits, Indicates drop frame or non-drop frame time code, field 1/field 2, Dark mask or "see-thru" mask surrounds display,Adjustments for horizontal and vertical size and position, Display on/off, Always frame accurate (on time) Also functions as basic play speed SMPTE time code reader,HORITA TC-TOOLKIT™ tape logging software and RS-232 cable
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AVL Dove X-2 Computerized Diisove Module

    Price: $74.00    POD Price: $60.00    
AVL Dove X-2 Computerized Dissolve Module. Slide Projector Control. This item is "as is" no warranty.

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MTI Analog Camera Controller CCD72

    Price: $849.00    POD Price: $450.00    

MTI CCD72 Analog Camera Controller.

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