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Thermo NMR picoSpin 80

    Price: $25,000.00    
Portable NMR Thermo picospin 80

Manufacture by Thermo this small scale portable NMR is great for any laboratory. Some key features are listed below.

  • Practical performance – small molecule sensitivity designed for everyday use
  • Personal convenience – portable NMR without waiting for core facility schedules
  • Low cost operation – no cryogens, no deuterated solvents, mains energy supply
  • Unique technology – capillary cartridge system ideal for monitoring chemistry

Comes with computer and software.

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MTS EM Extend Electromechanical Load Extension Kit Type D

    Price: Please Call    
Type D Load Extension Kit Type D

MTS Systems Corporation Type D Load Extension Kit (compatible with Instron clevis pin couplings)
The Type D extension kit is compatible with MTS and Instron clevis pin couplings. It is designed for tension or compression loads from 2 to 150 kN. All extension lengths are stainless steel and have ports for water cooling.

Designed to apply tension and compression in an environmental chamber
Working temperatures of -130 C (-200 F) to 315 C (600 F)
With the five lengths in the kit, 23 combinations of length can be achieved
The upper extension rod can be adjusted in 25 mm increments
Designed for compression or tension loads from 2 - 150 kN
Stainless Steel construction
Ports for water cooling
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Thermcraft Material Testing Furnace

    Price: Please Call    
Thermcraft Material Testing Furnace LBO-24-10-10-11-5001-100-093-676

Thermcraft Material Testing Furnace Model LBO-24-10-10-11-5001-100-093-676
WATTS:  3000,  AMPS: 13.4-14.43, Volts: 208-230
Temp. Range: -200 to +600 F
MFG date:  2011
Like new condition

MTS Type D Load Extension Kit Available (compatible with Instron clevis pin couplings)  sold separately view item #14299
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Sanyo Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Model MDF-1155ATN

    Price: Please Call    

Sanyo -150 Freezer Model MDF-1155ATN 

Interior Dimensions- 17.750" x 19.750" x 22.875" (45.09 cm x 50.16 cm x 58.1 cm)
  • Effective Capacity- 128L
  • Rated Voltage- AC 220 V
  • Rated Frequency- 60 Hz
  • Amperage- 9.3 A
  • Power Consumption- 2030 W
  • Refrigerant- HIGH STAGE : LOW STAGE
  •                     R-412A(TP5R):MIXED REFRIGERANTS
  • Net Weight- 628 lbs (285 kg)
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Talboys X-large Laboratory Frame Stainless Steel

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Laboratory Frame X-Large Stainless Steel

Talboys Toemmer X-Large laboratory Frame, 48 x 72,  Stainless steel rods, nickel-plated zinc connectors and lab-frame feet. (7)  48" (1219 mm) rods   (5) 72" (1829mm) rods  Manufactured in the USA ... More Info

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Fowler 0 to 24" Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper 520080240

    Price: $150.00    POD Price: $130.00    

Fowler 520080240 Dial Caliper

Fowler 0 to 24" Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper, 0.001 Inch Graduation, 4 Inch Jaw Depth
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Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump 323U D2

    Price: $700.00    POD Price: $699.00    

Watson Marlow Peristaltic 323U D2 Pump

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump323U/D2 400 RPM with 2.4 MM WT Tubing head, pump heads accept 2.4 mm wall tubing, pump heads for flow rates up to 2000 ml/min, Up to 133:1 enhanced digital manual speed control, Manual or remote 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue auto-control or RS232 control commands, MemoDose facility for accurate single shot dosing, Digital TTL inputs for run/stop and direction, Instantly reversible, Keypad lock prevents tampering or accidental changes
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Vacuubrand BrandTech MZ-2C Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $799.00    

Vacuubrand  MZ-2C Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Pulls 12.5 mbar when tested at HiTechTrader This diaphragm vacuum pump is designed for many filtration, distillation and extraction applications. Great for Buchi, Heidolph Labconco, IKA Rota evaporators!

Vacuubrand MZ2C Specifications

  • Pumping speed   apx 36 liter/min or 1.3 cfm
  • Ultimate Vacuum   9 mbar
  • Utlimate Vacuum with gas ballast 15 mbar
  • Volts 120
  • Amps 3.8
  • Inlet and outlet connections are NW 10

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended

    Price: $200.00    
Chemglass CG-1971-85 Baffle Adapter Extended, 

Sold by CHemglass this Baffle 3/4-1/2" NPT Glass Filled PTFE Adapter should only be used in 30L & 50L (Short): Adapter Joint Size: 45/50 with Extension. This was designed to increase agitation within the reactor and mimic baffles used in larger glass lined reactors
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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1940-02 Reaction Vessel Lid

    Price: $100.00    

Chemglass Lid Reaction Vessel for CG-1940- 02

Manufactured by Chemglass this Reaction Vessel Lid has 3-Necks. A 29/42 Center Neck, 2-24/40 Side Necks, with a 100 mm Schott Flange

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Chemglass Life Sciences CG-1930-23 500 ml Reaction Vessel Jacketed

    Price: $400.00    

Chemglass Jacketed Reaction Vessel 500 ml 

Manufactured by Chemglass is 500 mL Reaction Vessel is Jacketed, with a 100 mm Schott O-Ring Flange and GL-14 Inlet/Outlet, CG-911-A-10 Drain Valve

Part Number Chemglass CG-1930-23

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    Price: $100.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Paging Horn Flexhorn Valcom V-1080 and Vp-2124A

Valcom V-1080 FLEXHORN,3 WATT ONE-WAY PAGING HORN, is a one-way self-amplified paging horn designed to provide voice paging and background music. The horn is weatherproof and can be used indoors or outside in temperatures of -20to   55 C.  With output volume control on the front of the cone. Gray model.  V-1080 requires -24VDC, 150mA .  Sold with power supply Vp-2124A. New in original packaging.
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Erweka TBH 30 Tablet Hardness Tester

    Price: $1,999.00    POD Price: $1,500.00    
Erweka TBH 30 Tablet Hardness Tester

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Wyko Industrial Inspection Interferometer

    Price: $16,499.00    POD Price: $12,000.00    

Wyko Industrial Inspection Interferometer Model PZ-06-SC-SF - used to determine film thickness, Non-contact Optical Profiler. Designed for 3-D surface metrology. With TMC High Performance Lab Table model 632478101.

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