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What is a POD™ Price ( www.PriceOnDock.com )

The “Price On Dock” term (in summary) refers to an AS-IS / WHERE IS purchase transaction where the buyer is responsible for removing, packaging, and transportation costs. The seller is responsible for delivering the item to the edge of the dock. This replicates an auction setting in which the buyer can control and optimize low cost packaging and transportation cost. Please see below for additional details.

The buyer's responsibilities: ( POD™ Shippers )

  1. Pay for purchased goods within 48 hours
  2. Coordinate the pickup of the purchased goods at the seller Dock within 72 hours. The 72 hours begin at the time of sale - not the time of payment.
  3. All buyer agents and direct customers pick up must call for an appointment and receive a confirmation pickup number.
  4. Additional time for pickup and payment can be granted on a case-by-case basis. All agreements must be in writing. No verbal contacts will be accepted.The seller's responsibilities:
  1. Item(s) shall be moved to the loading dock or door area for pickup at the time of payment.
  2. If necessary, verification of agent release form ( contact us for form )
  3. Notification of pickup and final receipt.

    Conditions of sale - AS IS / WHERE IS

    1. No Warranty. All machinery, equipment, merchandise and other items (herein the "Goods") are sold on an "AS IS/WHERE IS" basis with no warranties or representations whatsoever, either expressed or implied. Neither HITECHTRADER.COM (herein the “Seller”) nor the consignor makes any warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the property or its value, and in no event shall they be responsible for correctness of description, genuineness, attribution, provenance, authenticity, authorship, completeness, condition of the property or estimate of its value. No statement (oral or written) in the catalog, website, or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty or representation, or any assumption of responsibility. Prospective POD™ bidders are urged to contact HiTechTrader.com directly for detailed information regarding any lot. The Seller disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in connection with the Buyer’s purchase of units of any Product under this agreement.
    2. Once Buyer has removed any item from Seller’s possession, the Seller shall have no obligation to make any adjustment or accommodation to Buyer because of any mistake in quantity or other defect or problem with respect to such item. Buyer must make all requests for adjustments in writing to Seller before any item is removed from the premises where the sale is conducted.
    3. The Seller shall not be responsible for any damages, loss or theft of Goods except in the case of the Seller’s willful misconduct. Without limiting the foregoing, the Seller shall not be responsible for damages or losses caused by strikes, civil disorders, or acts of God.
    4. If for any reason the Seller is unable to deliver any Goods purchased by POD™ Buyer, Seller’s sole liability shall be to return all sums paid by Buyer to Seller in respect of such Goods.
    5. The Seller, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the POD™ bid of any person without providing any notice or reason therefore.
    6. All information provided by the Seller to Buyers, including without limitation, any advertising, lot sales catalogs or otherwise, is subject to deletions, errors, additions, and changes without notice. Although information is gathered from sources thought to be reliable, the Seller shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any information provided to any attendee or buyers. All Buyers shall rely solely on their own investigation and inspection of any Goods.