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Mixing - Vortex-Vibration

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13684 - Eppendorf 5320
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Glass Col Small Vortexer

    Price: $80.00    POD Price: $70.00    
Glas Col Vortex Mixer model PV-5. Variable speed, pulser.

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IKA MV1 mini Vortexer Mixer

    Price: $135.00    POD Price: $125.00    

IKA Vortexer Mixer

IKA model MV1 mini Vortexer Mixer.  Speed range- 200 - 2500 RPM 115V, 50/60 Hz ... More Info

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Eppendorf 5432 Vortexer Rotator

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $75.00    
Eppendorf 5432 Vortexer  Mixer  Shaker. With 24 place block, 1.5 ml tubes.

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Lab Line Titer Plate Shaker model 4625

    Price: $398.00    POD Price: $199.00    
Lab Line Titer Plate Shaker model 4625 manufactured by Lab Line is Ideal for virology, immunology, serology and hematology applications. Two plate retaining springs on platform firmly hold one to four 96-well titer plates. White, non-slip rubber platform mat increases sample visibility. Vortexing motion thoroughly mixes every well evenly. Solid-state speed control provides accurate, continuous regulation of shaking speeds from 40–1100 rpm with a 3mm orbit. Built-in electrical timer is not functioning but can be set for continuous operation or timed cycles of up to 5 minutes if repaired. Unit shuts off automatically at end of time cycle. Four finger slots provide for easy plate removal. ... More Info

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Lab Line Super Mixer Model 1290

    Price: $34.00    POD Price: $35.00    

Lab Line Super Mixer Model 1290 vortex mixer. 115v,50/60Hz, adjustable speed.

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Glas-Col Big Vortexer

    Price: $649.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Glas Col Big Vortexer VB-3

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Yamato Touch Mixer Model MT-31

    Price: $49.00    POD Price: $50.00    

Yamato Touch Mixer Model MT-31, vortexing motion Revolution: 2,800/3,300rpm (50/60Hz), Switch: ON1: Touch Switch, ON2: Continuous Switch, Stirring Surface Size: 70mm, Surface Material: Polyurethane, Power: AC100V, 50/60Hz, 1A

... More Info

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Yamato Stirrer Model MT-11

    Price: $49.00    POD Price: $50.00    

Yamato Touch Mixer Model MT-11, vortexing motion, 115V, 60Hz, 0.5Amp

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Glas Col Large Capacity Mixer Model LC 1012

    Price: $449.00    POD Price: $430.00    
Glas Col Large Capacity Mixer. Model LC 1012, provides both orbital and vortexing action for all laboratory mixing needs. The variable speed motor with filtered control offers mixing speeds of 0-1500 rpm. Selecting a lower speed gives you a gentle orbital motion; higher speed provides vigorous vortexing, Dimensions (W x H x D) 18.25 x 17.25 x 12" Speed range 100-2000 rpm Electrical 120V, 50/60Hz ... More Info

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VWR Scientific Multi Tube Voterxer

    Price: $65.00    POD Price: $59.00    

VWR 58816-115 Tube Voterxer Shaker

The VWR Scientific Multi Tube Voterxer model 58816-115 is used for hands off vortexing or shaking of up to 50 tubes or 3 micro assay plates at once. Tube racks as large as 7 x 12 inches handle a variety of tube sizes up to 180 mm in length. The unit also mixes single large containers such as flasks. Adjustable speed from 1200 to 2400 cycles per minute and timer adjusts from 0 to 60 seconds. Dimension in inches are 15 L x 9 D x 6 D. 16 inches H with posts. Electrical is 120 volts and 50/60 Hertz.

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