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Material-Testing - Polarimeter

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Rudolph Research DP 06 Polarimeter

    Price: $650.00    POD Price: $650.00    

Rudolph Research DP-06 Polarimeter.

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Rudolph Instruments Polarimeter DigiPol Model 781 SDV

    Price: $9,999.00    POD Price: $8,000.00    

Rudolph Instruments Polarimeter DigiPol Model 781 SDV digital polarimeters, Wavelength 589 nm comes with Arc lamp power supply Model 620P29, Single wavelength machine 115 V 60 HZ DigiPol Series is the system of choice for Contract Laboratories that provide independent testing services and Pharma R&D. These units are used to estimate starch and sugar in the foods and beverage industry, to determine sugar content in the sugar industry, and to characterize new chiral compounds in chemical research, The system is designed to meet all the measurement requirements for USP,BP,EP and JP across the entire range of +/- 89° with a readout resolution of 0.0005°.

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Perkin Elmer Polarimeter Model 241

    Price: $5,499.00    POD Price: $4,400.00    

Perkin Elmer Polarimeter Model 241,. with Mercury and  Na Lamp. This polarimeter can perform automated measurements of the optical rotation of optical active substances with high accuracy. It operates according to the optical null principle; monochromatic light passes trough the polarizer, the sample compartment and then the analyzer to the photo multiplier. The polarizer and the analyzer are orientated to each other in the optical null position. When the (optical active) sample is
introduced, the servomotor rotates the analyzer until the optical null is reached and the angle of the rotation is measured.
The rotary range is ±  80 º. Samples with high optical rotations exceeding 85 º  the opposite direction of the rotation will be indicated. The displayed value will be the difference between the actual value and 180 º

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