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MTS EM Extend Electromechanical Load Extension Kit Type D

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Type D Load Extension Kit Type D

MTS Systems Corporation Type D Load Extension Kit (compatible with Instron clevis pin couplings)
The Type D extension kit is compatible with MTS and Instron clevis pin couplings. It is designed for tension or compression loads from 2 to 150 kN. All extension lengths are stainless steel and have ports for water cooling.

Designed to apply tension and compression in an environmental chamber
Working temperatures of -130 C (-200 F) to 315 C (600 F)
With the five lengths in the kit, 23 combinations of length can be achieved
The upper extension rod can be adjusted in 25 mm increments
Designed for compression or tension loads from 2 - 150 kN
Stainless Steel construction
Ports for water cooling
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Erweka TBH 30 Tablet Hardness Tester

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Erweka TBH 30 Tablet Hardness Tester

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Shore Instruments Digital Durometer Model 719

    Price: $450.00    POD Price: $450.00    

Shore MicroHardness Durometer Tester for ASTM D2240

Shore Instruments Mircro-O-Ring Hardness Tester, Digital Durometer Model 719. A highly accurate force and displacement measuring system assures consistent results with accuracy and repeatability.

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West WG 005

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West Hardness tester, 50 LBS gauge, 70 Lbs max

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