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Bel-Art Scienceware Klett Colorimeter

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Klett Colorimeter Be-Art Scienceware

Scienceware Klett Colorimeter 3702-0000 manufactured by Bel-Art. Clinical Colorimeter measures directly color and turbitiy, Uses glass filters for colorimetric and turbidimetric analyses to obtain readings on Klett scale.Employs regular 14.25 x 125mm test tubes, Micro test tubes may also be employed for small volume samples (as low as 2.5 mL), Includes the blue (400 to 450nm) and green (520 to 580nm) glass filters,Available in 115/220V ... More Info

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Minolta CR-115 Chroma Meter with FD-100

    Price: $200.00    POD Price: $199.00    

Minolta Chroma color Meter CR-115

Chroma Meter is designed to measure the color of smooth surfaces that are painted or dyed. The illuminating system uses 45 degree illumination angle, 0 Degree viewing angle geometry to measure glossy surfaces. readings are averaged over the large area of 25 mm in diameter for uniform results. Battery powered, Readings display in Yxy or LaB color space. Built-in memory for measuring color difference, can be interfaced with peripheral units. Carrying case included. With FP-100 Data processor.

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