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LC MS Equipment

What is LC MS?

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, referred to as LC-MS or HPLC-MS, is a technique used in chemistry that combines the physical separation capabilities of liquid chromatography (LC) with the mass analysis capabilities of mass spectrometry (MS). LC/MS is an analytical chromatographic technique that is useful for separating ions or molecules that are dissolved in a solvent. It effectively separates the compounds based on their weight and affinity for the mobile and stationary phases of the column. It has become a popular application in Cannabinoid and Terpene potency testing.

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Waters Micromass Platform LCT

    Price: $4,000.00    


Waters Micromass LCT classic, TOF (Time of flight ),Capable of 5,000 resolving power; mass measuring to within 5 ppm error for masses between 400 and 1000 daltons, Can operate pusher at repetition frequencies up to 20kHz, Detector can record full spectrum every 50 microseconds ... More Info

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Waters Micromass Platform LCZ

    Price: Please Call    
Waters Micromass Platform LCZ 

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ThermoQuest Finnigan AQA

    Price: $3,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    
Finnigan AQA single quadrupole mass spectrometric detector for coupling with Dionex HPLC and high performance IC systems, for the first ever IC/MS capabilities. The Finnigan AQA, with switch-able dual atmospheric pressure ionization sources, is controlled for LC/MS applications using Dionex's Chromeleon MS Chromatography management software for the best in both chromatographic and MS software. Electro-spray ionization and atmospheric chemical ionization are available for LC and IC applications.

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