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Liquid Handling Equipment

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Gilson 215 Liquid Handler Injector

    Price: $1,000.00    POD Price: $799.00    

Gilson Fraction Collector Handler Injector 215

Gilson 215 Liquid Handler/Injector. Single-probe, liquid handler and autosampler for fast and accurate direct injection onto HPLC or LC/MS systems. Versatile, large bed liquid handler and autosampler accommodates more than 330 racks to hold virtually any type of sample vessel. ... More Info

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Tecan Genesis RSP 100 8

    Price: $3,998.00    POD Price: $2,999.00    

Tecan Genesis RSP 100 8. Robotic Sample Processor. The Genesis RSP allows selection of any number of samples for analysis up to a maximum of 96; rapid processing of samples is possible due to the inclusion of an 8-channel pipettor. An extraction system is available that eliminates possible cross-contamination by using a checking procedure that sets aside any wells where clogged filters are detected. Software and computer not included.

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Thermo Scientific Matrix Platemate 2 X 3

    Price: $25,000.00    POD Price: $25,000.00    

Thermo PlateMate Matrix automated liquid handling system

Thermo Scientific Matrix Platemate 2 X 3. Designed to perform a variety of liquid handling tasks for a wide range of applications, the Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMateTM 2x3 is a 6-position automated liquid handler with interchangeable pipetting heads, and a total available volume range of 0.1 µl -300 µl. This versatile instrument can be easily integrated into larger robotic systems, or used as a standalone workstation. Size in inches; 25 w x 29.5 d x 23 h. 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Operating Conditions, +15°C-40°C <85% RH at +30°C. Standalone and Robotic friendly Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate 2x3 base units include: 6-position deck, two (2) peristaltic pumps, one (1) 24 V DC outlet, ControlMate software interface, power cord, PC communication cable. 

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Bio-tek Instruments 4030542

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Bio-tek 4030542 vacuum pump station for Bio-tek micro plate washer

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One Lambda Cell Dispenser Model Lambda Jet III MT

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

One Lambda, Cell Dispenser Model Lambda Jet III MT, dispenses lymphocytes and other reagents into each well of a Terasaki tray or microtiter plate, Dispenses 0.5 to 2.25 µl (in 0.25 µl increments) with the 1 µl syringe, 2.5 to 10 µl (in 1.25 µl increments) with the 5 µl syringe, or 3.4 - 10.2 µl (in 1.7 µl increments) with the - Becton Dickinson® 1 ml disposable syringe, LCD readout informs user of selected parameters: Number of trays, Number of wells, Dispense volume and more

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Eppendorf EDOS-5222 Programmable Dispensing System

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $199.00    

Eppendorf EDOS-5222 Electronic Dispensing System

Electronic Dispensing System, Automatic recognition of Eppendorf Combi tips and pipeting adapters Adjustable volume selection from 0.5 µl to 50 ml

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