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Chrontrol CX Table Top Timer Model 91459

Item # :005160114
Chrontrol CX Table Top Timer Model 91459, CX Table Top Timers are made of a steel chassis and a case of durable, high-impact plastic. They have a  LED display, 20-key audible keyboard. Because of their compact size and portability, the Table Top Timer is especially productive in scientific laboratories and other environments where quick and easy access to the keyboard and outputs is desirable30 day warranty

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$99.00 Working Current

Chrontrol CX Table Top Timer Model 91459

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Sometimes similar products in the Lab-Equipment - Timers category give a better understanding of specifications or product details that help you choose between manufacturers. Flexopulse, ChronTrol, ProMinent Fluid Controls can be almost identical in design but even a minuscule difference in models can propel your research or project goals. Send an inquiry through your cart or give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

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Make : Valco
Model : Digital Valve Sequence Programmer
The Digital Valve Sequence Programmer is an add-on or stand-alone timer/programmer available with either 2 or 4 intervals, settable in ranges of 0-99 seconds, 0-9.9 minutes or 0-99 minutes. The DVSP is most commonly used for remote operation of electrical devices such as solenoid valves, Valco two position or multiposition electric actuators, and the Valco Digital Valve Interface, which converts contact closures into pneumatic pulses for switching Valco two position air actuators.
Make : ATC
Model : 365A Long Ranger Timer
The ATC 365A Long Ranger Timer is a digital, microprocessor based, indicating reset timer with on-delay start. Two DPDT relays provide instantaneous and delayed outputs while combinations of the two will give interval or pulse mode operation. Time is derived from power line frequency and reset occurs when power is interrupted to the unit. The set point can be any three digit value between 0.01 and 999. of seconds, minutes or hours. The timer provides a self-test procedure and any one of four, different, easily programmable modes of cycle progress display. The 365 plugs into the standard ATC DIN sized housing, and without wiring change, can retrofit a model 365 timer. Contains 3 identical copies in stock.

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