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 HiTechTrader.com international purchasing steps (excluding Canada)

  1. All international transactions are conducted by Wire Transfer or PayPal.
  2. After receiving your funds -your item / items will then be packaged –
    1. At this time we will communicated the weight and dimensions of the final package to you via email.
    2. We will also provide a FREIGHT COLLECT  “door to door” and “door to airport” quote when appropriate from our shipper.
    3. The item will be transported "FOB Origin, Freight Collect"

"Freight Collect" is a term used in the freight moving business that means that the freight will be paid by the person receiving the freight.

You would then email us your preference on a carrier.

  1. After receiving your email regarding transportation services, your item will be shipped and the tracking information will be sent to you via email.
  2. All International sales are final. Once the item has left our dock - Title passes to the buyer when the freight is loaded on the carrier stipulated

Please Click Below the short informational video regarding packaging your international shipment.