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Used HPLC Pumps equipment for sale

HPLC Pumps

Pumps are a key component to all HPLC systems. High pressure pumps with a very constant flow are necessary because of the small particles used in the HPLC process. For analytical proposes, HPLC pumps should have flow rates that range from 0 to 10 ml/min., but for preparative HPLC, flow rates in excess of 100 ml/min may be required. It is extremely difficult to provide a very constant flow rate at very low flow rates. A high level of consistency is required because most HPLC detectors are flow sensitive, and errors in quantization will result from fluctuations in flow rate.

HiTechTrader has a multitude of HPLC pumps available for purchase to meet your needs.

HPLC Pump Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are Waters Corporation, Pharmacia, Beckman, and Shimadzu.

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Waters HPLC Pump Model 610

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Waters Model 610 HPLC Pump,

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Agilent 01090-87610 Tubing

    Price: $59.00    
Agilent 01090-87610 Stainless Steel Tubing 280 mm, 0.12 mm inner diameter. 2 in package. HPLC tubing.

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Flux Instruments Rheos 4000

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Flux Instruments Rheos 4000 Pump for use with Mass Spectrometry, low delay volume and extreme accuracy in delivering solvents at low flow rates.

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