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Jasco 802-SC System Controller

Item # :012060404
Jasco Model 802-SC System Controller, Powers up with full screen.30 day warranty

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Jasco 802-SC System Controller

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Make : Altex
Model : 420
The Altex 420 Microprocessor Controller is a special purpose digital computer designed to facilitate the work of liquid chromatography. The 420 automates and programs an HPLC, enabling the operator to control the movement of fluid (flow rate, solvent composition, and flow pattern) through the chromatographic system, and to initiate and terminate a wide range of external events (alarm, sample injection, etc.). Procedures can be timed with clockwork precision and exact synchronization. The 420 enables the operator to produce the kind of gradual but completely regular change in conditions that is the prerequisite for gradient elution, a level of accuracy that any single individual would be severely taxed to produce by manual regulation. With the aid of the 420, the chromatographer can undertake more complex and more extensive tasks, and gather more accurate data than a manually operated LC permits.
Make : Spectra-Physics
Model : A0099-083
The Spectra-Physics Labnet is a low-cost, easy-to-use interactive communications network designed specifically for automating chromatography system laboratories.

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Jasko, Jazco

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