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HPLC Fraction Collectors

Used Fraction-Collector equipment for sale

HPLC Fraction Collector

During the entire chromatography process, the eluent is collected in a series of fractions. Fraction Collectors are devices that can collect fractions automatically. The composition of the eluent flow can be monitored, and each fraction is analyzed for dissolved compounds.


Pharmacia, ISCO, Waters Corporation, and Varian all produce fraction collectors.

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Pharmacia Frac-300 Fraction Collector

    Price: $1,559.00    POD Price: $1,248.00    
Pharmacia Frac-300 Fraction Collector. Time flow collection: 0.1 to 999 min. Drop count collection: 1 to 999 drops. Maximum drop rate: 5 drops sec-1. Event marker: 0.8 sec contact closure without time delay. ... More Info

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