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HPLC Column Heaters Chillers

Used Column-Heater Chillers equipment for sale

HPLC Column Heaters/Chillers

Column Heaters/Chillers (sometimes referred to as column compartments or column ovens) include heating and cooling/chilling functions. Some have only heating or only cooling functions, but others have both heating and cooling functions. The use of a column heater/chiller allows for stable and accurate temperature control as the sample is being passed through the column.

HPLC Column Heaters and Chillers Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are Jones Chromatography Inc., Waters Corporation, Rainin Instrument, Eppendorf, Agilent Technologies Inc., and Shimadzu.

HiTechTrader has a variety of Column Heaters/Chillers available for purchase to meet your needs. Keep in mind temperature range, column size, and power requirements when comparing these items

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HP Agilent Series 1100 G1316A Column Compartment Oven

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HP/Agilent G1316A Column Compartment /Oven, Series 1100 HPLC.

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Shimadzu Column Oven Model CTO-6AS

    Price: $400.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Shimadzu Column Oven Model CTO-6AS

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