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Flow Meters

A flow meter is a device that measures flow. Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement (liquid or gas). Flow can be measured in a variety of ways.

Mechanical (Positive-displacement) flowmeters are best compared to a bucket and a stopwatch. The stopwatch is started when the flow starts, and stopped when the bucket reaches its limit. The volume divided by time gives the flow rate.

Pressure-based Meters rely on Bernoulli’s principle to derive the dynamic pressure. Optical flowmeters use light to determine flow rate. A direct measurement of mass flow can be obtained with Coriolis flow meters. These flowmeters use the Coriolis effect that causes a laterally vibrating tube to distort to measure mass flow.

If you’re doing gas chromatography, you must routinely measure gas flows when setting up an instrument, developing a method, or troubleshooting. Modern GCs rely on electronic pressure control (EPC) for setting flow rates. However, a flowmeter is still an essential tool to have- especially while troubleshooting. Also, many older GCs that are still in use don’t have EPC, which requires manually setting flows with a flowmeter.

Types of Flowmeters

There are generally two types of gas flowmeters- volumetric and mass. Both types measure the amount of gas exiting a column or split vent in a specific time period. If the amount of gas is measured in units of volume, the flow rate is volumetric based. The most common device for measuring a volumetric flow rate is a bubble flowmeter. If the amount of gas is measured in units of mass, the flow rate is mass based. The most common device for measuring mass flow is a thermal flowmeter (more commonly called mass flowmeter).

Top Flowmeter Manufacturers

HiTechTrader offers a variety of flow meters to meet your flow measurement needs. Hewlett Packard, Humonics, Brooks Instruments, Kobold, Sensus, and ISCO are all excellent manufacturers.

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Bios DryCal DC-1 Flow Calibrator

    Price: $699.00    POD Price: $599.00    
Bios DryCal DC-1 Flow Calibrator offers two line LCD display providing continuous readouts of flow rate, flow average, and the number of readings included in the average.  ... More Info

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Precision Wet-Test Flow Meter

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $250.00    

GCA Precision Wet Test Meter 63126 1 Liter/min

Wet Tip Gas Meter Readings in Volume Meters per minute revolution and records total volume. In real time you can determine either the volume in one minute or the the time for flow of 1 liter ... More Info

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Precision 63126 Wet-Test Flow Meter

    Price: $650.00    POD Price: $599.00    

GCA Precision 63126 Wet Test Flow Meter

Precision Scientific Wet-Test Flow Meter. Measures the flow of gas and total flow of gas. All stainless steel construction. 3 liter/revolution.

... More Info

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J and W Scientific Digital Flowmeter

    Price: $599.00    POD Price: $480.00    

J&W Scientific Digital Flowmeter, measured in L/min. Verify mass flow controller settings, or monitor higher gasflow rates. Runs on 9 volt battery.

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Humonics Optiflow 520 Digital Flowmeter

    Price: $499.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Humonics Optiflow 520 Digital Flowmeter. Flow rate 0.5-500 ml/min. Powered by 9v battery.

Flowmeter model                 Flow                                          Resolution              Accuracy
Optiflow  420                          0.10–9.99 mL/min           0.01 mL/min                         ±3%
                                                  10.0–50.0 mL/min            0.1 mL/min
Optiflow 570/570 Mobile       0.500–1.999 mL/min     0.004 mL/min                      ±3%
                                                  2.00–9.99 mL/min             0.01 mL/min
                                                 10.0–99.9 mL/min                0.1 mL/min
                                                 100–700 mL/min                   1 mL/min
Optiflow 650/650 Mobile       5.0–99.9 mL/min                0.1 mL/min                       ±2%
                                                  0.100–0.999 L/min              0.001 L/min
                                                 1.00–5.00 L/min                    0.01 L/min
... More Info

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Humonics 1000 Digital Flow meter

    Price: $749.00    POD Price: $600.00    

Digital Flow meter Humonics

Humonics 1000 Digital Flow meter, flow rate 1-30 mL/min. A microcomputer and infrared optics are used to track a rising volume of liquid within a tube of precision-bore glass. Absolute accuracy is established by comparing the performance of the instrument to an NIST-registered burette.

... More Info

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Tylan Mass Flow Controller Model FC-280

    Price: $90.00    POD Price: $75.00    

Tylan Thermal Mass Flow Controller Model FC-280

Flow Rate 10 SLPM of O2, Eliminates air convection currents inside its case without sacrificing response speed. Can be mounted in any position without requiring zero adjustment. Assures accuracy over the entire range of mass flow controller. Easily removed for range changes. Completely compatible with reactive and corrosive materials. Design eliminates internal dead volumes. Eliminates the need for complex, interactive multi-point linearisation during calibration.

... More Info

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Brooks Instrument 0151E Mass Flow Controller Unit

    Price: $1,199.00    POD Price: $550.00    

Brooks Instrument 0151E Mass Flow Controller Unit. Digital display. 120 vac, 15w, 50/60 Hz.

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Equimeter Gas Meter Model S-275

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Equimeter Gas Meter Model S-275

3/4" NPT connections. MAOP 5 psi. For measuring flow rates and total flow of dry gases.
  • One Rev.=0.1 Cu. Ft., 
  • Temp Comp 60 degrees F Base,  
  • MAOP 5 psi, 
  • CL 250 
  • 97-S CFH, 
  • BUT. 135 - PROP. 155 - NAT. 250
... More Info

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Hewlett Packard Digital Flowmeter 9301 1004

    Price: $599.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Hewlett Packard Digital Flowmeter 9301-1004, measured in mL/min


Flowmeter model                 Flow                                          Resolution              Accuracy
Optiflow  420                          0.10–9.99 mL/min           0.01 mL/min                         ±3%
                                                  10.0–50.0 mL/min            0.1 mL/min
Optiflow 570/570 Mobile       0.500–1.999 mL/min     0.004 mL/min                      ±3%
                                                  2.00–9.99 mL/min             0.01 mL/min
                                                 10.0–99.9 mL/min                0.1 mL/min
                                                 100–700 mL/min                   1 mL/min
Optiflow 650/650 Mobile       5.0–99.9 mL/min                0.1 mL/min                       ±2%
                                                  0.100–0.999 L/min              0.001 L/min
                                                 1.00–5.00 L/min                    0.01 L/min
... More Info

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American Meter Dry Gas Meter Model DTM 115

    Price: $450.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Laboratory Dry Gas Diaphragm Flow Meter DTM-115

American Meter Diaphragm Dry Gas Meter Model DTM-115 (807), highly accurate gas meter meant for laboratory test type situations,  measurement 10 liter/ rev.. Elster American Meter diaphragm meters have an outstanding record for durability and reliability.

... More Info

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Sierra Side Trak III

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Sierra Side Tark III Mass Flow Controller, Range 0 to 200 SLPM, Pmax 500 psi, 0.215 orifice, 0 to 5 VDC output.

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Sierra 741-1 Mass Flow Controller and display

    Price: $500.00    POD Price: $399.00    

Sierra Instruments 741-1 Readout and Flow Meter for Air

Sierra Mass Flow controller, Large Volume Type, Model 741-1, Max flow 400 M3/Hr (Air), Operating voltage supplied. Controlling voltage: 0 to 5 VDC

... More Info

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Brooks Coriolis Quantim Flow Meter

    Price: $500.00    POD Price: $499.00    

Brooks QMAC0 Coriolis Quantim Flow Meter 

Brooks mass flow meter / controller, Model Number QMAC003KDA1CDMCDABAFA0A

Can be used for liquids and gas. Hardware configuration. Valve: NC, seat: Kalrez, Seal: Nickel / Kalrez, fitting 1/8"VCR to 1/4"swagelok. Orifice: 0.007". Software DSP firmware 1.06, Application XB04. set-point Parameter: mass Flow.

Can be calibrated for any type of liquid etc. Supports HART communication protocol. Revision #5. Hart 4-20 ma. Max flow 3000 gm/hr

... More Info

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Sierra Instruments 901C

    Price: $349.00    POD Price: $280.00    

Mass Flow Controller, Units SCCM, N2, Range: 0 to 40

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