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J-Kem Water Flow Monitor WFM 100

Item # :001120727

Precisely monitors the flow rate of water through a condenser, water bath, or other piece of equipment. If the flow rate falls below the minimum rate set by the user (i.e. loss of pressure, broken hose), power is turned off to the monitor’s output receptacle and any equipment plugged into it. Power remains off until manually reset.

30 day warranty

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J-Kem Scientific

J-Kem Scientific


$125.00 Good Current

J-Kem Water Flow Monitor WFM 100

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Make : Trio-Tech International
Model : 481-F
The Trio-Tech Model 481-F Filtration System is designed to filter fluorocarbon fluid to an absolute one micron purity level at temperatures from ambient to 130°C. Fluid flows from the inlet hose through the filter element to the pump inlet, through pump to the outlet hose. The time span of filtration operation is controlled by a mechanical timer, adjustable from 0-15 minutes.
Make : MKS
Model : 170M-44A, 170M-48A, 170M-46, 170M-47, 170M-45
This instruction manual provides the necessary installation and operating instructions for the following MKS Automatic Pressure/Flow Control Systems; Control Unit 170M-44A and Control Valve 170M-45 Control Unit 170M-48A and Control Valve 170M-49.

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j Chem scientific , J Kem Scientific

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