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I2R Water Flow Monitor VVWF 1800

Item # :001130906

I2R Water Flow Monitor Model VVWF/1800, with variable voltage Capacity 1800 watts

30 day warranty

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VVWF 1800

$35.00 Good Current

I2R Water Flow Monitor VVWF 1800

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Make : Matheson
Model : 8250
Matheson mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers consist of components manufactured by divisions of Matheson and by other suppliers and are selected to provide the very best operating combinations anywhere. Matheson standards of quality and rigid specifications are required of all items before the Matheson name is applied.
Make : Brooks Instrument
Model : 5850C & 5851
The Brooks Instrument Mass Flow Controller Models 5850C and 5851 are mass flow measurement devices designed for accurately measuring and controlling flows of gases. It consists of three basic units: a flow sensor, a control valve and an integral electronic control system. This combination produces a stable gas flow, selectable overshoot protection and eliminates the need for continuous monitoring and readjustment of gas pressures. Standard user selectable features include soft start, valve override, external valve control, and remote programming. This manual is Issue 2 in May, 1983. Contains 2 identical copies in stock.

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