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IKA ETS-D4 Temperature Controller

    Price: $150.00    POD Price: $99.00    

IKA ETS-D4 Fuzzy Temperature Controller

Fuzzy logic and 2-point control for optimal control of hot plate temperature.
• Connects to hot plates or any unit with a DIN 12878 socket
• Includes a 250 L × 3 mm diam
• PT 1000 stainless steel standard temperature probe
• Digital display
• Measuring range: -10 to 400 °C adjustable safety circuit between 100 and 400 °C
• Control precision: ± 0.2 °C
• No temperature overshoot ... More Info

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HTS Amptek Benchtop Termpature Controller BBA 200 Series

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $99.00    

BBA-200 Process Temperature Control for K Thermocouple

HTS Amptek Benchtop Temperature Controller BT 15-B2-K-1-F/C. K-Type thermocouple. The PID, auto-tune controller is dual-indicating and utilizes a solid state relay (non-mechanical) switching output. The BenchTop unit has rugged simplicity to get you results without learning a custom programming language. This controller is ideal for most laboratory or industrial heating control requirements.
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Photon Control MD3 75c Piezo Controller

    Price: $498.00    POD Price: $325.00    

Photon Control Model MD3 75c Piezo Controller,  The Photon Control Three-Channel Piezoelectric Controller, Type MD3-75C allows simple and precise hands-off adjustments to be made to Piezoelectric actuators without active position feedback. Separate potentiometers control, three independent low noise outputs. Three rear-panel, BNC inputs can be used to control the output voltages remotely. The voltage on each output channel is monitored on the LCD display.

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