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Brooks Instrument 5896 Mass Flow Control Readout

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Brooks Instrument 5896 Mass Flow Control Readout.Controls and indicates flow rate of single mass flow controller. 3-1/2 digit LED indicator. Local or remote command capability. Remote output. Display range: 0.200 to 1999. Accuracy : ±0.5%.

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Brooks Instrument



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Brooks Instrument 5896 Mass Flow Control Readout

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Make : Moore Products
Model : Series 63
The Moore Constant-Differential Flow Controllers GC-63 Series 63 are used in conjunction with an external needle valve to provide constant volume flow rates for either liquids or gases over a continuously adjustable flow range. With liquids--which are, of course, not compressible--the constant volume flow will also be a constant mass flow. The ability to control at very low rates (in the order of one scc/min) and their wide rangeability (as high as 500:1 for the low-flow units) make these controllers useful in a wide variety of applications. One widespread use is in gas chromatography, in which the controller regulates the small (20-200 sccm) helium stream that carries the process sample. Other applications include: liquid purge and blending operations in process plants, a wide variety of precision flow controls in pilot plants, and many uses in laboratories.
Make : Moore Products
Model : Vertigage
The Moore Vertigage for Syncro III and 3X6 M/P is a 3-15 psig receiver gauge that is used in all Syncro III and 3x6 M/P Stations. The gauge is available in both single and duplex pointers. It has a 4 inch vertical scale and incorporates a flat-faced pointer movement to minimize parallex error. The top edge of the pointer is used to read the scale. Control stations use a duplex gauge with a red and a black pointer. Loading stations with a simplex gauge have a blue pointer; receiver gauges have a black pointer. Loading stations with a duplex gauge have a blue and a black pointer; receiver gauges have a black and a green pointer. The standard scale provided, unless otherwise specified, is 0-100 linear. The scales are clear plastic with an opaque white backup strip. They are channel mounted and simply slide in and out of the gauge.

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