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Sorvall 90-Ti Rotor

Item # :002040719
Rotor, 6 Place, 90,000 rpm30 day warranty

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Sorvall Instruments

Sorvall Instruments


$1,160.00 Excellent Recent

Sorvall 90-Ti Rotor

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Make : Sorvall Centrifuges
Model : A-500, A-384, M, and SP/X
The Sorvall A-500 and A-384 Fixed Angle Rotors are designed for use in the Sorvall GLC-4 and RT6000 General Laboratory Centrifuges. The Sorvall M and SP/X Rotors are designed for use in the Sorvall RC-3 General Purpose Centrifuge as well as the Sorvall GLC-2B and GLC-3 General Laboratory Centrifuges. Each rotor assembly is composed of a stainless steel rotor body and a stainless steel rotor cover.
Make : DuPont / Sorvall / Kendro
Model : Sorvall Superspeed Centrifuge Rotors
NOTE: Links to items 071080730, 072080730 (AH-650); 009110505 (SA-600); and D002130128 (RC5B) Bundle includes: Sorvall AH-650 (Swinging Bucket Ultraspeed Centrifuge) Rotor Manual (Sorvall) AH-629 (Swinging Bucket Ultracentrifuge) Rotor Manual (DuPont) A-1256 (Fixed-Angle Ultracentrifuge) Rotor Manual (DuPont) Sorvall RTH-250 & RTH-750 (Swinging Bucket Rotors) Operating Instructions (Sorvall) Sorvall SuperLite Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotors (for use with Floor Model Superspeed Centrifuges) Operating Instructions (Kendro) Sorvall Super-Lite Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotors (for use with Floor Model Superspeed Centrifuges) Operating Instructions (DuPont) Sorvall StepSaver (70 V6, 65 V13, and 50 V39) Rotor Systems Operating Manual (DuPont) Sorvall Super-Lite Composite Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotors Operating Instructions (Kendro) Sorvall TH-641 (Swinging Bucket) Rotor Manual (Kendro) Superspeed Fixed-Angle Rotor Manual (DuPont), 2 copies (for GSA, GS-3, SA-600, SE-12, SM-24 & SS-34) Sorvall RCF Chart (DuPont) Sorvall Ultraspeed Centrifuge/Rotor Logbook (Kendro) RC5B (Automatic Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge) Operating Instructions (DuPont) Sorvall Lowspeed and Tabletop Centrifuges from DuPont Catalog Sorvall Glass Knife Maker Instruction Manual

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