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Bench Refrigerated Centrifuge

Thermo Sorvall VWR Fisher

Refrigerated Bench centrifuges

Bench refrigerated centrifuges are an adaptation of bench centrifuges that have been equipped with refrigeration systems. Typical refrigeration systems can cool the centrifuge chamber down to -20°C. It is possible for laboratory refrigerated bench centrifuges to cool at lower temperatures ranging from -22-100°C. Rotors, rpm speeds, and capacity's of samples vary between the size of the motors.


HiTechTrader offers fixed-angle, and swinging bucket centrifuges. Many are general purpose, and include clinical, superspeed, and ultracentrifuges. We also have many different rotors and rotor inserts available.


When choosing a centrifuge, you almost need to work backwards in your steps:

1. Determine the number and volume of samples you will need for your process.

2. Determine Rotor Speed (RPMs) necessary.

3. Finally, choose a centrifuge that accommodates the first two steps.

Popular Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are Sorvall, Thermo, Eppendorf, Beckman, and Heraeus.

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Jouan Refrigerated Microfuge MR1411

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $600.00    

Jouan MR1411 Microfuge 12,000 rpm Refrigerated

The Jouan Refrigerated Microfuge Model MR 14.11 has a range of 0 - 12,000 RPM. It has a ten place rotor. Digital speed readout. The temperature range is -10 to 40 C. It is 110 volts and 440 watts. The dimensions in inches are 13 H x 27.75 W x 22 D.

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Jouan Refrigerated Centrifuge Model MR1822

    Price: $3,499.00    POD Price: $3,000.00    

Jouan Refrigerated Centrifuge Model MR1822, with rotor 8 place rotor, Max 11500 rpms,

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Baxter Scientific Centrifuge Model Biofuge 17R

    Price: $1,799.00    POD Price: $1,600.00    

Baxter Scientific Centrifuge Model Biofuge 17R, with Heraeus Sepatech Model 1379 24 place fixed angle rotor.

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Beckman Centrifuge Model GS-15R

    Price: $3,799.00    POD Price: $2,000.00    

Beckman Centrifuge Model GS-15R. No rotor.

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Sorvall Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge, Super T21

    Price: $7,999.00    POD Price: $4,000.00    

Sorvall Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge, Model Super T21, Spin from low speeds (for your 50ml conical tubes) up to 18,0000 rpm in a Sl-50T like rotor, and capacities up to 3 Liters, Stores up to 10 run programs, Temperature set range: -10 to +40C, Speed control range: .. 500 to 21,000 RPM, Drive System 1.2 HP high torque brushless, Program Feature:. Up to 10 sets of runs, AVAILABLE ROTORS: 4 place swinging bucket #ST-H-750, 4 each inserts #00436. #00447

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Heraeus Centrifuge Biofuge 28RS

    Price: $3,999.00    POD Price: $3,000.00    

Heraeus Centrifuge Biofuge 28RS, High speed bench top centrifuge with heating and cooling, Micro computer controlled via Sepaconfil with 32 user program, 9 different acceleration and brake profiles, Max speed: 36,000 rpm, Max Cap. 80 x 2.0 ml or 6 x 94 ml. Also may be used for continuous flow operation. With # 3746 8 place fixed rotor, 13500 max rpm. (HFA1350) and rotor 3748 4 place with cups rotor, 4800 max rpm ( HSA4.1000) Optional 208 volts, Temp 0 to 40C, 1.5 kw power, Weight 100 kg.

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Tomy High Speed Micro Centrifuge, Model MTX-150

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $600.00    

Tomy High Speed Micro Centrifuge

 Model MTX-150. Max rpm: 15,000. With 18 place fixed rotor Model TMA-11

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Jouan BR 311 Centrifuge

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,900.00    

Centrifuge, Refrigerated. with 4 place swing bucket rotor, max rpm for rotor 5150 (see picture). Blue removable inserts for buckets are 32mm in diameter and 77mm deep. Buckets are 56mm in diameter and 86mm deep, number on bottom of buckets reads: 11174179.

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