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Biotechnology Equipment

Biotech laboratory equipment


Biotechnology, or biology-based technology, has grown in leaps and bounds. Biotechnology is simply defined as the use of living organisms and systems to develop or make products. Humans have used biotechnology for thousands of years in agriculture, food production and medicine. But it now also includes sciences such as genomics, applied immunology, and the development of pharmaceutical therapies. Depending on the tools and applications, Biotechnology can also overlap with related fields, such as bioengineering, biomanufacturing and biomedical engineering.


Simple equipment such as incubators and shakers no longer define the biotech laboratory. Everything from cell preparation, cell counters and cell stirring, to tissue processors, tissue bass and slide scanners can encompass biotechnology instrumentation.

Popular Manufacturers

Thermo, Fisher, VWR, Bio-Rad, Agilent, Stratagene, Harvard, Robbins, Eppendorf, Wheaton, Hoefer and Hach are all common manufacturers of Biotechnology equipment.

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GE BPG 450/500 Glass Column Vessel

    Price: $1,600.00    POD Price: $1,600.00    

BPG 450/500 Glass Column Vessel

GE Healthcare Model BPG 450/500 Glass Column Vessel for the BPG 450/500 chromatography column for process development or biopharmaceutical manufacture, designed for hygienic operation and easy, efficient packing.  Column ID 450 mm. Column Height 500 mm.   ... More Info



GE BPG 450/750 Glass chromatography column

    Price: $6,900.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

 BPG 450/750 Glass Chromatography Column

GE Healthcare Model BPG 450/750 Glass chromatography column for process development or biopharmaceutical manufacture, designed for hygienic operation and easy, efficient packing.  Column ID 450 mm. Column Height 750 mm.  with additional spare parts.  MISSING GLASS COLUMN VESSEL ... More Info



VWR Advanced Orbital Shaker Model 10000-1

    Price: $2,599.00    POD Price: $1,750.00    

VWR Advanced Orbital Shaker 10000

  • Volts- 120, Watts- 80, Amps- 50 / 60 Hz 1 Phase, Fuse- 5 x 20mm 5 AMP Quick Acting
  • RS-232 cable not included
  • Orbit- 25 mm (63/64"),
  • Speed 15 - 500 rpm
  • Timer Range- One Second through 160 Hours
  • Overall Dimensions 72 x 68 x 18 cm (28 5/16" x 26 1/2" x 7")
  • Tray Dimensions- 61 x 61 cm (24" x 24")
  • Max Load - 46 kilo (100 lbs)

Shipping Weight- 92 kilo (200 lbs) ... More Info

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Barnstead Thermolyne DB66125 96 sample Dry Block Heater

    Price: $225.00    POD Price: $199.00    

Barnstead Thermolyne DB66125 Dry Block Heater

  • 96 Sample holes
  • 12 mm diameter
  • 40 mm deep.
  • Temp range from 25c-105c

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Optek Control 4000 Photometric Converter

    Price: $1,000.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Control 4000 Optek Biomass Monitor and Control 

Optek Control 4000 is a powerful, microprocessor-based photometric converter. It enables precision process monitoring and control.  for Optek ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near-infrared (NIR) absorption-based and scattered-light based sensors ... More Info

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Aber Instruments Biomass Monitor 230

    Price: $3,500.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    

Aber Instruments Live Cell Monitor 230

Aber Instruments Biomass Monitor 230, measures live cell concentration and media conductivity in a cGMP or an industrial environment. Features 4 head amp channels ports, 2 Head Amplifier #2300 00, and 3 Sensors AF46-B UV Absorption units with Calibration Adapter, connecting cables and two sensors AF46. ... More Info

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Aber Instruments Biomass Probe Tester 1476-00

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Aber Instruments Futura Biomas Probe Tester

Aber Instruments (Futura) Biomass Probe Tester  Model 1476-00. The Probe Tester does 3 Tests to each Probe Electrode during its test procedure. Tests for Corrosion Leakage and Continuity. with manual and continuity test lead. ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical AF44 Optical UV Sensor And ECAL Detector

    Price: $900.00    POD Price: $800.00    

Wedgewood UV Sensor AF44 with ECAL Calibrator

Wedgewood Analytical AF44 Optical UV Sensor And ECAL Detector. Used with Models 960 and 662 UV analyzers. Standard UV lamp housing with power supply, Viton and EPDM seals, configured to measure 280 nm wave length, and patented EasyCal system option that allows for quick and simple on-line calibration. flow sensor code 1A4 ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Wedgewood B605 Flow Cell Sensor pH & Conductivity 

Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH & Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor. used with Model 602 pH and Model 622 conductivity analyzers to simultaneously measure pH, conductivity, and temperature. Installed inline with Sanitary Stainless steel flow cell that accommodates pH sensor and temperature compensated conductivity sensor. Conductivity sensor: TI Electrodes,QD BT724, seal type EPDM pH sensor type: GTDJ pH  sensor with quick disconnect. Flow cell code1A  ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Wedgewood B605-FEANNT1BFlow Cell Sensor pH & Conductivity

Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH & Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor. used with Model 602 pH and Model 622 conductivity analyzers to simultaneously measure pH, conductivity, and temperature. Installed inline with Sanitary Stainless steel flow cell that accommodates pH sensor and temperature compensated conductivity sensor. Conductivity sensor: TI Electrodes,QD BT724, seal type EPDM pH sensor type: GTDJ pH sensor with quick disconnect. Flow cell code1B. B605FEANNT1B ... More Info

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Wedgewood 662 Analytical Bio Monitor

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $1,999.00    

Wedgewood Analytical 662 UV 622 conductivity 602 pH Monitor

Wedgewood Analytical Monitor:  Model 662 UV Analyzer,  Model 622 Conductivity and Temperature Monitor and Model 602 pH Monitor. ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical UV-pH-Temp-Conductivity Bio Monitor

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $2,500.00    

Wedgewood  662 622 602

Wedgewood Analytical Monitor:  Model 662 UV Analyzer  Model 622 Conductivity and Temperature Monitor and Model 602 pH Monitor. ... More Info

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New Brunswick Scientific Colony Counter C110-W

    Price: $300.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter

New Brunswick Scientific model C110-W  Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter provides even, glare-free illumination to allow for distinguished colonies to be noted from other structures. 110 volts
... More Info

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VWR Heat Block Heater Vibrator 13259

    Price: $150.00    POD Price: $150.00    

VWR Heat Block Heater-Vibrator model 13259

VWR Standard Heat Block model 13259-030. Modified with a digital heat controller and shaker. with a single  Six place block, 27mm diameter x 45 mm deep.
... More Info

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VWR Digital Heat Block 12621-084

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Dry Block Heater Single Block 12621-084 

VWR/Troemner Digital Dry Block Heater. Model 12621-084. Single block. 6 place block, 45 mm deep x 28 mm diameter. Temperature max 120 C. LED display, timer. 120v, 0.9 amps. other size blocks available  ... More Info

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Syngene G Box and Syngene Chemi HR16 Bio Imaging System

    Price: $4,999.00    POD Price: $4,500.00    
Syngene G Box and G Box Chemi HR16 Bio Imaging System The Bioimaging System can be used for all fluorescence, visible, and chemiluminescence applications. This gel documentation and analysis system gives the user an array of configuration choices, which ensures a variety of applications for your imaging needs, including DNA and RNA imaging. The G:BOX Chemi HR16 can accurately detect protein expression using reagents, such as ECL and CDL Star. The easy multiplex western blot imaging and accurate automated analysis both make the G:BOX extremely easy to use. ... More Info

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Thermolyne Easy Block Heater

    Price: $325.00    POD Price: $250.00    
Thermolyne Easy Block model DB66125 block heater. With 107 fixed wells of 12mm diameter, 41mm deep. Temp range; 25-105C. 120v, 450 watt, 3.75 amps.

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Seward Stomacher 80 Biomaster

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $2,500.00    

Paddle Blender

Seward Stomacher 80 Biomaster.TheStomacher 80 Biomaster provides small tissue processing solutions for clinical, life science and microbiology applications.Capable of processing samples from 250µl 80ml, the Biomaster range caters for the increased demand for smaller samples without reducing sample quality.

... More Info

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New Brunswick Scientific Shaker Platform

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $800.00    
New Brunswick Scientific Shaker Platform Overall size 33.5" x 17 x 3/4. 122 recessed mounting holes are tapped for an 8-32 screw and the spacing is staggered at 2.25". The mounting holes are spaced at 7.5 x 7. Platform is easily removed from the base plate. (see video)
... More Info

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Pharmacia GeneQuant II Spectrophotomete RNA DNA Calculator

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Pharmacia Spectrophotometer GeneQuant II RNA DNA Calculator

Pharmacia GeneQuant II RNA DNA Calculator, it is Spectrophotometer that measures absorbance at  230, 260, 280, 320, 546, 562, 595 and 600 nm.  and various relevant parameters are calculated automatically, and displayed at the touch of a button.       100v, 50/60 Hz. 

... More Info

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LKB Bromma Historange Microtome 2218

    Price: $3,199.00    POD Price: $2,560.00    

LKB Bromma Historange Microtome 2218.

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Eagle Stainless Container STB-55

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $80.00    

Eagle STB-55 SS 55ml Container 

Eagle Stainless Container Model STB-55 SS Bottle, Pilot/stability testing of small quantities of product prior to scaling-up for production, fitted with tri-clamp, Machined from solid-bar 316L stainless steel, given a 12 Ra. Nominal vol. 55 ml, actual vol. 56 ml, Height 63.50 mm, Depth 60.86 mm, body/opening ID 34.80 mm, tri-clamp 1.5", weight 0.7 lbs.

... More Info

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IKA MS 1 Minishaker

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $250.00    

IKA MS 1 Minishaker. Compact orbital shaker is suited for test tubes, small containers, and microtiter plates. Low-profile design with knobbed feet for stability on work surface.

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Inheco CPAC Ultraflat

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $800.00    

The INHECO CPAC Ultraflat is a very compact single position heated and cooled unit, built onto the deck of a liquid handling system. Compact footprint and overall height, most SBS listed disposable can be fitted. The system is also suited for the heating and cooling of tubes and other probe formats. A thermal fuse provides extra protection from overheating. With power supply and temp controller.

... More Info

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Leitz Microtome Model 1512

    Price: $1,999.00    POD Price: $1,300.00    

Leitz Microtome 1512

Leitz Microtome Model 1512. The width in inches is 13.5 with the handle and 10.5 without the handle. The depth of the unit in inches is 15.5 and the height is 13. The specimen thickness adjustment is 0 to 25 microns in 1 micron increments. The specimen clamp can be rotated through 10 degrees in any direction. The manual cutting knife has horizontal movement. The knife adjustment range on the guide track is 36 mm and the inclination range is 30 degrees.The section area is 40 mm x 30 mm. All common knife types up to 170 mm can be used. Knife not included.

... More Info

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Berthold Lumat 9501 Luminometer

    Price: $899.00    POD Price: $495.00    
Berthold Lumat 9501, Single tube Luminometer, single injector, two RS232 ports, printer connection, 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 180VA, 2A

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Stratagene Hybridizer Model 700 Hybridization Oven

    Price: $749.00    POD Price: $650.00    

Stratagene, Hybridizer Model 700 Hybridization Oven, chamber size: 14 H x 9 D x 11 inch W, with 2 flasks

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Reichert Jung, Cryostat Microtome Model 2800

    Price: $4,999.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    

Reichert Jung Model 2800 Frigocut, Cryostat Microtome, with Model 2050 Microtome, automatic advance of specimen head to blade. low and fast speeds, sectioning from 0.5 to 60 microns in micron increments. Adjustable cooling up to -40C. /Auto 24 hour defrost cycle.

... More Info

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Mannleim Boehranger Lumi-Image

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Mannheim Lumi-Image, Workstation to analyze nonradioactive chemiluminescence blots or fluorescence gels. high performance CCD camera and optical system, together with the powerful LumiAnalyst Software, are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of applications

... More Info

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shaker plate for 96 well plates

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Shaker Plate 14 x 16  inches holds  96 well plates

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Stratagene Robocycler Gradient 40 Thermal Cycler

    Price: $300.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Stratagene Robocycler Gradient 40 Thermal Cycler, Contains 4 heat blocks that you set to the desired temperature. A robotic arm moves the samples from block to block eliminating ramp time. 40 wells /Block, Well Volumen 0.6 ml, linear temp. range up to 14 or 22 across the well block, with temp. difference of up to 2 C between adjacent wells in each row. Can test up to 12 different Temp. in a single experiment. Single temperatures of up to 99C for PCR cycling.

... More Info

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Stratagene Robocycler Gradient 96 Thermal Cycler

    Price: $300.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Stratagene Robocycler Gradient 96 Thermal Cycler, microprocessor-controlled, four block unit, robotic arm moves samples from one to another. temp range: 25 to 99C for blocks 1 to 3, 6 to -25C block 4, Dwell times from 1 to 99 sec. cycle up to 99 times

... More Info

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Bellco 7765-66065 4 position stir

    Price: $599.00    POD Price: $480.00    
Bellco 4 position stir 7765-66065, 8 Liter max capacity . Brushless, maintenance free, stepper motor, Optional Digital Timer for intermittent stirring or optional Motion Alarm Module for audible/remote alarm indicating stirrer problem can be added to the unit ... More Info

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Robbins Scientific Hybridization Incubator Model 310

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $750.00    

Robbins Scientific Hybridization Incubator Model 310, Interior Dimensions : 13" x 13" x 13", Controller Temp Range: 0 C to 99 C, 115/120 Volts 60 Hz 480 Watts, Rotor with a jog switch

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Dynex Technologies MRX-TC Revelation Microtiter Plate Reader

    Price: $4,999.00    POD Price: $3,000.00    

Dynex Technologies MRX-TC Revelation Microtiter Plate Reader,endpoint, kinetic and tissue culture/agglutination assays in one compact instrument. Wavelength Range: 405-850 nm Dynamic Range: -0.100 to 4.000 OD, Linearity: 0.000 to 2.000 OD +/- 1% and 2.001 to 3.500 OD +/- 1.5%, Filter bandwidth: 2nm, Accuracy: 2.5% or 0.005 OD whichever is greater (0 to 3.5 OD) without software -

... More Info

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Gene Chip Hybridization Oven Model 640

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $950.00    

Gene Chip Hybridization Oven Model 640 (Stovall Life Sciences, Inc., Model OVNAA115S)

Physical Dimensions:

Height = 19"

Width = 18"

Depth = 15"


Operating Temparature Range 150C to 300

Humidity Range 15% to 85% relative humidity

Carousel Rotation Speed 0 - 80 RPM

Oven Setpoint Range is Ambient + 50 to 700C

Oven Temperature Precision +/-0.40C at Calibration Setpoint

Oven Temperature Accuracy +/-2.00 from display temp over range of 300C to 600C


... More Info

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Argonaut Technologies First Mate

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Argonaut Technologies, First Mate, comes in a 206-frame configuration (2 rows of 6 tubes). The FirstMate™ frame can accommodate 2 aluminum blocks each one capable of holding three varieties of glass-made test tubes (13mm x 150mm, 16mm x 150mm, or 25mm x 150 mm) with Teflon® caps. Heating and cooling requires no complex devices. Immerse the device in a dry ice/acetone bath for cooling, or use a commercially-available laboratory hotplate for heating. Agitation continues uninterrupted during both heating and cooling. Optional Hot Plate Stirrer with temperature controller. Please view additional picture.

... More Info

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Matrix Technologies Memowell 56416

    Price: $150.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Memowell LED Lightbox, for 96 well plates, aids technicians in remembering where next to pipet. 6 pre programmed functions: Single channel light sequesnces to move: via columns, via row, serpentine through columns, sepentine through rows and multichannel light sequences lighting 8 or LED's at a time.

... More Info

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Stratagene View Box

    Price: $449.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Stragagene View Box, Size 16" x 16" x 16"

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