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Water to Water Heat Exchangers For Sale

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Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers


Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers or Liquid to Liquid Exchange Baths provide a clean, stable, controlled, closed-loop water cooling system. This closed-loop system is created by attaching the Heat Exchanger to an existing in-house facility water supply. The heat exchanger will reject the process heat into this water supply. Not only will it use less energy and cost less to operate than a traditional compressor-based chiller, but it will also eliminate the problems associated with the direct use of in-house water, such as temperature instability, insufficient or fluctuating flow, or changing pressure.

Popular Manufacturers

ThermoFisher Scientific and Neslab are two great manufacturers of Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers.

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Duratherm HTP Model DB2418AA Circulating Heating System

    Price: $4,500.00    POD Price: $4,500.00    

MOKON Water Temperature control System Duratherm HTP

Mokon Duratherm HTP; Water Temperature control System; Model DB2418AA; Circulating water temperature control system maximizes performance with temperatures up to 300°F (149°C) and pressures up to 70 PSI.   230 / 3 phase / 60Hz, 14.2 amp heater, 5 amp Motor, Full load 50.2 amps. Total 1800 KW, Tmax 300 F, 1 Zone, 1 1/2 hp pump, flow rate 25 gpm up to 60 psi

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