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Baths-Circulators- Fluidized

Fluidized Baths consist of a tank (inner container) with a chamber placed in the bottom that has a porous plate material on top. The tank is filled with aluminum oxide sand. Compressed air is pumped through the chamber causing the sand to “bubble.” Heaters radiate heat into the sand either directly or indirectly. This bubbling sand provides thermal and displacement properties very similar to that of a fluid (i.e. the term Fluidization) but at much higher temperatures than any liquid is capable. (NOTE* A fluidized bath is NOT a sandblaster as the aluminum oxide is not abrasive to immersed objects, due to the bubbling action of Fluidization.)

Top Manufacturers of Fluidized Baths

Some leading manufacturers of fluidized baths are Techne, and Omega.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the following when purchasing:

1. What are your power requirements?
2. What is the capacity/volume that you require?
3. Dimensions are critical. What are your length, width, and depth requirements for the reservoir?
4. What temperature range do you require?

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