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Analyzers-Meters for sale at HiTech Trader

Used Analyzers-Meters equipment for sale

Analytical Instruments


At Hi Tech Trader we sell only the best Analyzers-Meters on the market.

In the analyzer-meters lab equipment category, we have a very wide variation of laboratory analytical instruments that sense chemical, signal, frequency, pH, humidity, and particle size. The instruments in this category detect, analyze, report, and alert. In most cases, to getting the instrument ready involves three critical steps:


The first step is to understand what the engine is detecting. Is this detection probe or device working properly?


The second step is to understand the data that is generated from the detection probe into the main instrument. For example, if a probe is to detect between 0-5 volts, the gauges or readouts on the instrument should represent a signal from 0 to 5 Volts.


The third step is to understand the output of the main instrument. The output of the instrument could be used to trigger another device, a series of relays or data for a chart recorder.


Hi Tech Trader has a variety of technical instruments that we use to determine if instruments are working properly. We have moved away from chart recorders to analog / digital converters. Some insurance however cannot be checked out if we do not have the proper probes or input signal devices.


Please ask for one of our product demonstration videos at any time. We love using video to demonstrate the functionality / accuracy / repeatability of the instrumentation we are selling.


We have been helping customers like you decide between different products since 1982 so send us an inquiry or call us today.

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13671 - Gow Mac 21-110
11893 - Vaisala GMT221
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Mettler DL31 KF Volumetric Titrator

    Price: Please Call    
Mettler DL31 Titrator

Manufacture by Mettler, this Mettler Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator comes with the glassware shown.

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Gilian HFATR-5 High flow Automatic Time Rate charger

    Price: $200.00    
Gilian HFATR-5 High flow Automatic Time Rate charger

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Gilian HFS-513A Hi Flow Sampler

    Price: $150.00    

Sensidyne Gilian HFS 513A Hi Air Sampler

  •  New Condition
  • Pump is a DC dual piston
  • The 1/8" Lexan Case packs a pneumatic system, control system and a power battery pack
... More Info

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Photovac MicroFID Handheld Flame Ionization Detector

    Price: $1,500.00    
Photovac Micro FID Ionization Detector

Photovac MicroFID Handheld Flame Ionization Detector with battery charger  for EPA Method 21. 

  • Detects from 0.1 to 50000 ppm volatile organic compounds
  • 70-hour hydrogen supply, 15-hour battery life
  • Optional telescoping probe
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Compatible with handheld PDA for viewing detection data


... More Info

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Oxygen Meter

    Price: $45.00    
YSI Model 54A Oxygen Meter ... More Info

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Vaisala Carbocap Carbon Dioxide Transmitter

    Price: $450.00    POD Price: $450.00    
 Vaisala CO2 Transmiter SeriesGMT221 Model GMT221LONOBOA1AOB  with probe installed remotely, Range: 0 to 20% CO2, LED INDICATOR AND OPTIONAL DISPLAY,  REQUIRES NOMINAL 24 VAC/DC SUPPLY  DC SUPP IS RECOMMENDED   ... More Info

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Oakton Acorn pH 6 Meter

    Price: $225.00    POD Price: $200.00    

Oakton Acorn Ph 6  pH Meter

Oakton Acorn pH 6  Meter, Reads pH, mV (for ORP/Redox measurements) and Temperature, Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), All push button operation, Three-point pH calibration and mV offset calibration,  Auto buffer recognition, Hold function; Auto-off,  Use with most pH and ORP electrodes with BNC connectors.  Power: 4 Batteries AA 1.5 V, 200 hr continuous use. ... More Info

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Electrical Conductivity Meter CM 30 DKK DOA

    Price: $250.00    POD Price: $199.00    

CM30 Conductivity Meter DKK-DOA 

Electrical Conductivity Meter Model CM-30 R Series. Built-in temperature compensat0r for pure water electrical conductivity Conductivity : 0 to  200.0 S/m,  Resistivity:  0~2O?m0.00M,  Salinity:  0-4.00%  NaCl converted from EC value.. Concentration :  o-200% value converted from EC value, Temperature: 0 - 100 C

... More Info

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VWR Con 5 Series Conductivity Temperature Meter

    Price: $150.00    POD Price: $125.00    
VWR/Oatkton Conductivity Handheld Temperature Meter model 19810-00. Rubber boot with built-in stand protects meter and adds functionality. Runs on four AAA batteries. The meter works but the probe is broken.
... More Info

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Pharmacia pH Monitor 19 8300 01

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $85.00    
The Pharmacia LKB pH Monitor is a high precision tool used for continuous pH measurement of solutions.

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Sper Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Meter 840041

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $120.00    
Sper Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Meter # 840041 Measures dissolved oxygen to determine water quality in environmental testing, labs, industrial and municipal waste water, aquariums and fish hatcheries.  Powered by one 9 volt battery. Five inch probe, wire 43 inches. RS 232 outlet.
... More Info

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GasTech SC7 HCL Detector

    Price: $124.00    POD Price: $99.00    
GasTech SC7 HCL Detector With leather case and strap

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Matheson-Kitagawa 8014-400A Precision Sampling Pump

    Price: $324.00    POD Price: $199.00    
The is the Matheson-Kitagawa 8014-400 Precision Sampling Pump  for the model Model 8014KA Toxic Gas Detector System provides accurate, dependable, and reproducible results in determining concentrations of toxic gases and vapors. One constant and reproducible sample volume reduces sampling and analysis errors -- as opposed to other pump designs, there are no orifice changes or multiple strokes to keep track of.
... More Info

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Tsi Air Velocity Meter Model 1650

    Price: $48.00    POD Price: $49.00    
A Tsi Air Velocity Meter Model 1650 air velocity meter or anemometer can help measure wind velocity, air speed and other variables, such as air temperature, pressure, relative humidity and windchill factor. Anemometers can air-balance cleanrooms and similar environments and air velocity meters can log and store data.

... More Info



YSI 3200 Conductivity Instrument

    Price: $898.00    POD Price: $799.00    
YSI 3200 Conductivity Instrument Meter measures temperature, salinity, TDS, conductivity, and resistance and exceeds USP 24 specifications. Resistance ratio technology (RRT) compares the resistance of the sample to a calibrated resistor within the meter for unmatched accuracy. Store up to 100 points; RS-232 interface for data access. The microprocessor-based instrument offers linear and non-linear temperature compensation options—great for ultrapure water analysis. High and low alarms can be programmed for process applications. Order conductivity cell separately. ... More Info

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Cole Parmer PH Controller Model 5654-20

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $299.00    
Cole Parmer PH Controller Model 5654-20

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Horiba Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer VIA 510-ES 510

    Price: $9,999.00    POD Price: $8,000.00    

Horiba CO2 Gas Analyzer VIA-510 with ES-510 Sampling Unit. Measures CO2 in the percent level. It uses the infrared absorption method (dual-beam NDIR).

  • Selectable outputs: 0-1 VDC, 0-10 VDC, and 4-20 mA
  • Digital outputs: range setting information.
  • Digital alarms: indicate malfunctions or calibration failure.
  • Digital inputs: Zero cal, Span cal, Data hold.
  • Range inputs: 4 inputs BCD code.
... More Info

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Sentron 2001 ph Meter

    Price: $49.00    POD Price: $25.00    

Sentron 2001 ph Meter. No probe.

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Matheson Dew Point Analyzer 8460

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Matheson Dew Point Analyzer 8460

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Balston TOC Gas Generator Model 78 30

    Price: $450.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Balston Gas Generators Purify 

Balston 78-30 TOC Gas Generator. Balston Gas Generators purify an existing compressed air supply in carrier/combustion gas, for TOC instruments, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, inconvenient, high pressure cylinders of oxygen or nitrogen.

... More Info

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Mitsubishi CA100 Moisture Meter and VA100 Vaporizer

    Price: $4,999.00    POD Price: $2,000.00    

Mitsubishi VA-100 Vaporizer with the Mitsubishi CA-100 Coulometric Moisture Meter. The CA-100 is designed to perform moisture determination tests on liquid, solid, and gaseous samples. With the CA-100 model, up to two coulometric and / or volumetric titration cells can be installed and run simultaneously; as a result, the user gains cost effectiveness and flexibility while still maintaining optimal performance. Please note:  sold without cell moduels.

... More Info

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Orion SA 720 Ph Meter

    Price: $74.00    POD Price: $75.00    
The Orion SA 720  benchtop Ph meter. No probe.

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Gardner Associates Small Particle Detector

    Price: $699.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Gardner Associates, Type CN Small Particle Detector, with case and hand vacuum pump. Circa1959.

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Beckman Phi 32 pH Meter

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Beckman Phi 32 pH Meter. No probe.

  >>     >>  


Cambridge Accusense QuattroFlow Airflow Analyzer

    Price: $1,199.00    POD Price: $600.00    
Cambridge AccuSense Inc. Quattro Flow Velocity Airflow Analyzer. The Quattro Flow Velocity Analyzer from Cambridge AccuSense is a portable, self-contained unit that provides true air-velocity readings for multiple applications, including cleanroom testing, HVAC design and certification of fume hoods and biosafety cabinets. Works only with outside power source. With carry case. ... More Info

  >>     >>  


PCI Ozone and Control Systems Model HC-1

    Price: $949.00    POD Price: $400.00    

PCI Ozone and Control Systems Model HC-1


... More Info

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Rosemount Analytical 7003M Percent Oxygen Analyzer

    Price: $799.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Rosemount Analytical 7003M Percent Oxygen Analyzer. Accuracy, +/- 0.25% Oxygen. Zero Stability, +/- 0.25% Oxygen/Week at 25 C. Ambient temperature, -10 to 50 C.

  >>     >>  


Eutech Instruments Alpha pH 1000 ORP Controller

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $180.00    

Eutech Alpha ph 1000 ph/orp controller 

The Alpha pH 1000 controllers/transmitters combines consistent performance and sophisticated control functions with user-friendly features. Meters come with seven preset buffer values for quick, accurate auto-calibration; electrode offset function allows direct reading corrections without needing to remove electrode from the control system. 
  • Range, -2.00 to 16.00 ph.
... More Info

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Panametrics TM02 Oxygen Analyzer

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Panametrics TM02 Oxygen Analyzer. Model TM02-1M-21 Advanced on-line oxygen measurement in a compact, weatherproof/explosionproof transmitter. Measurement ranges from 0.01% to 100% in gases.

... More Info

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Gastech Safe T Mate 102 H2S Gas Detector

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $300.00    

Gastech Safe T Mate 102 H2S Gas Detector. The Safe-T-Mate Series models are portable, hand-held, battery operated gas detection units. Accepts alkaline and NiCad batteries. Suitable for Class I, Groups A, B, C and D; Hazardous Locations. Temperature Code T3C.

... More Info

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VWR Digital Conductivity Meter

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $50.00    

The VWR Digital Conductivity Meter works off of a 9 volt battery. No probe.

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Precision Digital Process Meter Model PD655-N

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Precision Digital Large Display Process Meter Model PD655 NEMA. The PD655 is a Large Display Process Meter with flow rate, totalizer batch control and pump (with alternation) control capabilities. It accepts the common process signals such as 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC and displays these signals in engineering units on a 1" high 4-1/2 digit red LED display. The PD655 can also provide two isolated 24V power supplies to drive both the input and output loops.

... More Info



Corning Ph Temperature Meter Model 308

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $90.00    

Corning Ph/Temperature Meter Model 308, Measures Ph MV Temp in C.

  >>     >>  


Lamotte Chemical Conductivity Meter

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Lamotte Chemical Conductivity Meter

  >>     >>  


Climet Model 250 Particle Counter

    Price: $499.00    POD Price: $250.00    

Climet Model 250 Particle Counter. 115v 60 Hz 3 amps

  >>     >>  


EdgeTech Model 911 Dew-All Digital Humidity Analyzer

    Price: $77.00    POD Price: $78.00    

Edge Tech Model Model 911 Dew-All Digital Humidity Analyzer. 115 / 230 vac, 50-400 Hz.

  >>     >>  


VWR Oxygen Meter Model 8500

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $150.00    

VWR Oxygen Meter Model 8500 uses the Internal Oxygen Generation operating principle for measurements of dissolved oxygen in liquid waste sample. It has a concentration range of 0 to 20 ppm, disolved oxygen. The temperature range of the receiver is is -10 to 40 C. It has accuracy of 1% at calibration temperature. Power requirements are two 9 volt alkaline batteries. The dimensions of the receiver in inches are 10 W x 12 D x 4 H.

... More Info

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MSA Calibration Check Kit

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $100.00    

MSA Calibration Check Kit. Consist of a regulating valve that includes a gauge to measure container pressure, an adapter hose, sensor adapter, and a case fitted with Model RP cylinders of calibration check gas.

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Horiba OCMA 220

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Horiba Oil Content Analyzer Digital display of oil content in ppm, IR wavelength 3.4 to 3.5 microns, Dual range, Accurate tests in minutes Infrared spectroscopy instrument, Specifications Operating temp. 5°C to 40°C 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60W Solvent extraction, NDIR analysis Dim. 14.25"D x 15"H x 9"W Weight 22 lbs. 

Ranges Oil content 0 to 20ppm +4%fs 0 to 200ppm +2%fs

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Particle Measuring System Corrosive Liquid Sampler CLS 100

    Price: $498.00    POD Price: $159.00    
Particle Measuring Systems Inc Model CLS 100 corrosive liquid sample controller.  effective measurement of particles in fluids contained in unpressurized vessels. It is ideally suited for testing chemicals containing dissolved gas, where bubbles could be incorrectly detected as particles. ... More Info

  >>     >>  


MDA Model 3300 Oxygen Monitoring System

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $200.00    

MDA Model 3300 Oxygen Monitoring System. Measures oxygen concentrations with a +/- 2% accuracy. Uses 2 9 volt batteries.

  >>     >>  


Thermo Orion 2 Electrode Conductivity Cell

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $70.00    

Thermo Orion 2 Electrode Conductivity Cell,epoxy/graphite, cell constant = 1.0/cm-1, Model 011510

  >>     >>  


Orion 840 Oxygen Meter

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Orion Model 840 Dissolved Oxygen meter

  >>     >>  


Mettler Toledo MP120 pH Meter

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $175.00    

Mettler Toledo MP120 Handheld pH Meter with 2 VWR sympHony probes. Power: 4 AA batteries.

  >>     >>  


Air analysis GCA Model PDM-1FZ

    Price: $399.00    POD Price: $400.00    

GCA Model PDM-1FZ - Miniram zero check; for air analysis

  >>     >>  


Corning pH Meter Model 350

    Price: $449.00    POD Price: $200.00    

Corning pH Meter Model 350 with probe pedestal. Serial # C1915. sold without probe

  >>     >>  


Chemetrics C-8510D Phosphate measurement kit

    Price: $29.00    POD Price: $30.00    

Chemetrics Model C-8510D Phosphate measurement is used to control scale and corrosion inhibitor levels in boilers and cooling towers. Low Range Phosphate (reactive, ortho) Comparator Catalog No. C-8501D Comparator Increments: 0, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 ppm

... More Info

  >>     >>  


TIF 5600 Automatic Halogen Leak Detector

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $150.00    

TIF 5600 Automatic Halogen Leak Detector, Freon type gases, with case and directions, super sensitive responds to minute traces for R12 (50) ppm

  >>     >>  


Irrometer Soil Moisture Measurement

    Price: $94.00    POD Price: $50.00    

Irrometer, Tensiometer, Soil Moisture Measurement, measure the actual soil water tension, which indicates the effort required by root systems to extract water from the soil. not affected by salinity and does not require site calibration. 24" long

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Gastech Model 105 Portable Gas Monitor

    Price: $75.00    POD Price: $75.00    

Gastech Model 105 Portable Gas Monitor

Gastech Portable Gas Monitor, Model 105, set up for analysis of H2S and O2 in % Lel / ppm. he GT Series can monitor an environment for hydrocarbons (LEL/ppm),oxygen (O2), and up to two toxic gases, including carbon monoxide (CO),hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), chlorine (Cl2), and sulfur dioxide(SO2). The monitor detects gas by a sample-drawing method, and it utilizes upto four internal sensors that plug into assigned molded flow block receptacles  ( Note Some combinations of toxic gases (e.g., H2S and Cl2) are not compatible )

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Maihak Conductivity Indicator MLA

    Price: $499.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Maihak Maihah Conductivity Indicator MLA, III B/E/4370, III B/S 549

  >>     >>  


JMD Electronique Appareile Mesure D Humidite Residuelle

    Price: $1,999.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

JMD Electronique Appareil Mesure D'Humidite Residuelle, Power 110/220 V, 20/10 A, mono phase. Residual moisture measurement device.

  >>     >>  


Melles Griot Universal Optical Power Meter

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $400.00    

Melles Griot Universal Optical Power Meter, Model 12PDC001, The Universal Power Meter is capable of supporting detectors with responsivities between 300 and 2000 nm and power levels ranging from 5 picowatts to 2 watts.

... More Info

  >>     >>  


PMC Lasair 510 Particle Measuring System

    Price: $149.00    POD Price: $150.00    

Partical Measuring System Inc Lasair 510 Aerosol Measuring System  

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Instech Dual Oxygen Electrode Amplifier Model 203

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Instech Dual Channel Polarographic Oxygen Amplifier Model 203 amplifier generates the potential that operates our 125/05 electrodes and also converts the nanoamp electrode current into a voltage to measure pO 2.

... More Info

  >>     >>  


VWR Scientific Ph Meter Model 8005

    Price: $299.00    POD Price: $150.00    

VWR Scientific Ph Meter Model 8005

  >>     >>  


Corning Ph Meter Model 240

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $200.00    

Corning Ph Meter Model 240, Measures Ph MV Temp in C. no Electrode

  >>     >>  


Corning PH and ion analyzer Model 355

    Price: $199.00    POD Price: $200.00    

Corning PH/ion analyzer Model 355

  >>     >>  


Fisher Scientific 910

    Price: $99.00    POD Price: $100.00    

Fisher Scientific Accumat Ph Meter Model 910. No Ph probe. 110 volts

  >>     >>  


Antek Instruments 9000F Fluoride Analyzer

    Price: $2,999.00    POD Price: $2,000.00    

Antek Instruments Model 9000F Fluoride Analyzer. total fluoride determinations specific for fluoride without interference from other halides on gas, liquid, and solid samples safely within minutes, Results in 5 to 15 minutes

... More Info

  >>     >>  


Hach Company Model 43800

    Price: $224.00    POD Price: $170.00    

Hach Company Model 43800-00 Ph Meter, Portable Hach One. Range: pH 1.99 to 19.99, Millivolts: 0 to 1999 , temp. -5 to 105 C. Electrode Model 44200-51 with Ag/AgCl referce adn temperature sensor with BNC connector

... More Info

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