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Mettler DL31 KF Volumetric Titrator

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Mettler DL31 Titrator

Manufacture by Mettler, this Mettler Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator comes with the glassware shown.

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Mitsubishi CA100 Moisture Meter and VA100 Vaporizer

    Price: $4,999.00    POD Price: $2,000.00    

Mitsubishi VA-100 Vaporizer with the Mitsubishi CA-100 Coulometric Moisture Meter. The CA-100 is designed to perform moisture determination tests on liquid, solid, and gaseous samples. With the CA-100 model, up to two coulometric and / or volumetric titration cells can be installed and run simultaneously; as a result, the user gains cost effectiveness and flexibility while still maintaining optimal performance. Please note:  sold without cell moduels.

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Irrometer Soil Moisture Measurement

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Irrometer, Tensiometer, Soil Moisture Measurement, measure the actual soil water tension, which indicates the effort required by root systems to extract water from the soil. not affected by salinity and does not require site calibration. 24" long

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