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Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump 323U D2

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Watson Marlow Peristaltic 323U D2 Pump

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump323U/D2 400 RPM with 2.4 MM WT Tubing head, pump heads accept 2.4 mm wall tubing, pump heads for flow rates up to 2000 ml/min, Up to 133:1 enhanced digital manual speed control, Manual or remote 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue auto-control or RS232 control commands, MemoDose facility for accurate single shot dosing, Digital TTL inputs for run/stop and direction, Instantly reversible, Keypad lock prevents tampering or accidental changes
30 day warranty

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Watson Marlow


323U D2

$699.00 Working Current

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump 323U D2

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Make : Cole-Parmer
Model : 7550-60 7550-62 7550-70 7550-72

The direct-reading 7550 Pump Drive enables you to obtain consistent flow rates with superb speed regulation, even under variable pressure conditions. It's a great time saver where repetitive tasks and frequent changeovers are required. Just press a key to set up for new tubing sizes, materials, and flow rates. The digital display verifies all your settings.

Make : Rainin Instrument
Model : RP-1 Peristaltic Pump
The Rainin Dynamax RP-1 Peristaltic Pump is specifically designed for fluid transfer. The rotating head has ten stainless-steel rollers. As the head rotates, five of the rollers press the tubing up against the compression arm, producing flow by peristaltic action. Five rollers constantly in contact with the tubing ensures low pulsation, smooth flow, and high pressure. The Model RP-1 pump is ideal for critical liquid chromatography, gradient generation, and flow analyzer applications. The RP-1 incorporates a unique cam design: the adjustment screw does not press the compression arm directly. Instead, turning the adjustment screw in the RP-1 moves a cam which applies gradual force to the compression arm. This results in more precise flow control and reduced tubing wear. The RP-1 is powered by a high torque stepper motor, controlled by a microprocessor with unique feedback circuitry for good speed stability, even at extremely low flow rates. Speed stability is maintained between 0° - 40°C and against back-pressures of up to 5 bars. Pump speed is shown in revolutions per minute and a liquid crystal display on the pump front panel. Pump speed and decision of rotation are controlled by a membrane keypad next to the display.

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