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Advanced Illumination Diffuselite DL194 Dome Light

Item # :006180802

Advanced Illumination DL194 Small Dome Light

Advanced Illumination Dome Diffuselite illuminating light Model DL194  inside dia 15.88 cm (6.25"), outside dia 22.54 cm (8.875").
30 day warranty

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Advanced Illumination

Advanced Illumination


$629.00 Working Current

Advanced Illumination Diffuselite DL194 Dome Light

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Make : Quantel International
Model : TDL50 with Additional Output Port & Shutter

The Quantel TDL50 Nd:YAG Pumped Dye Laser is designed for being pumped by a YG580 series YAG laser. The complete YAG pumped dye laser is called Datachrom 5000. Previous designs of Quantel dye lasers have used the grazing-incidence grating method for tuning. The new Moya Dye Laser Cavity design improves the grazing-incidence method by using higher resolution gratings for better wavelength selectivity. The key to the low level of fluorescence of the Moya oscillator lies in the pumping configuration and the way energy is coupled out of the cavity. A portion of the intracavity beam undergoes total internal reflection off the dye cell window. This configuration ensures that the main direction of emission of the fluorescence does not coincide with the direction of the beam. The laser oscillation takes place between two totally reflecting mirrors. Energy is coupled out by diffraction around one edge of the oscillator dye cell. This configuration ensures that fluorescence coming back from the amplifiers does not hit any reflecting surface before striking the grating, thus dispersing it and attenuating it to very low levels.

Make : Spiricon
Model : LBA-100A
The Spiricon Laser Beam Analyzer Silicon Camera Model LBA-100A Operator's Manual

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